Rhinoplasty Revision: Fixing a Bad “Nose Job”

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery: Fixing a Bad Nose Job –

Successful rhinoplasty involves both art and science to achieve a nasal shape that is beautiful, natural and structurally sound for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, many women and men have experienced unsatisfactory and extremely disappointing results from inexperienced or unskilled surgeons.

And in 2021, many people are now forced to confront their own appearance concerns, thanks to the pervasiveness of Zoom appearances – for work, school, connecting with loved ones, socializing and even masking romantic connections. It’s simply hard to ignore a nose you are unhappy with, when the camera is on you all the time. For this reason, we are seeing an increase in requests for revision of rhinoplasties that were previously performed by less skilled doctors.

The great news is that – like any medical technology – advancements have been made over the last several decades in rhinoplasty that replace older procedures with newer and better techniques!

In cases where you are unhappy with a nose job you previously had performed, revision rhinoplasty surgery by a talented, experienced and caring plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali can correct some or all of the damage done by the original rhinoplasty. Dr. Ali uses state of the art techniques – and years of experience – to perform revision rhinoplasty that can correct problems with old “nose jobs” and deliver more beautiful and natural results.

Reasons for Bad Nose Jobs

An unfavorable cosmetic outcome of a nose job can be due to a wide range of causes, but poor technical execution by the surgeon is often to blame. Unfortunately, in the early years of “nose jobs”, the only way surgeons knew how to alter the shape of the nasal tip was the aggressive removal of cartilage. This type of “excisional rhinoplasty” often resulted in the nose becoming progressively deformed over time – because the supporting cartilage had been removed.

And, sadly, many incompetent surgeons still “go to far” with nose jobs – resulting in a very unnatural “plastic-surgery” look, as well as structural defects that cause malformation over time.

Additionally, in previous decades of nose job surgery, many surgeons tried to achieve a single type of “ideal” nose shape for all patients – shortened and turned up on the end. While this nose shape may look proportionate or “cute” on certain women, it does not take into consideration the ethnic heritage of the patient. A “Caucasian nose” may not only look out-of-place on an Asian or African American individual, but can also erase a person’s important ethnic identity.

Michael Jackson’s aggressive rhinoplasty surgery is a classic example of a nose job that “went to far” causing structural problems, as well as compromising his racial identity.

In other cases, a “bad nose job” may be the result of a medical issue, such as infection, scar formation, skin contracture or tightening that pulled on the tip, or even warping of the cartilage that changed the shape. And even a “good” nose job can go “bad if the nose is subsequently injured by an accident, a fall, a blow, or during athletic activities.

Choosing the Right Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

The good news is that, whatever the cause, when a rhinoplasty “goes bad” revision rhinoplasty by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali can help restore your appearance and correct structural defects. Dr. Ali is trained in the most advanced “endoscopic” techniques – meaning he can perform many rhinoplasty revisions with minimally invasive techniques that involve tiny incisions and almost no scarring.

And, Dr. Ali is also skilled in using certain injectable fillers to adjust and correct proportions and symmetry – in some cases revising the nasal profile, without surgery altogether! Dr. Ali also understands the unique nasal characteristics of different ethnicities – and he has the skill and experience to enhance your beauty, while retaining a natural appearance that doesn’t change “who you are”!

3D Vectra Nose Job Imaging

Dr. Ali is one of only a few plastic surgeons in the entire Birmingham and greater Detroit area to offer state-of-the-art Vectra 3D facial imaging technology. Using digital imaging Dr. Ali can show you what your nose will look like after your nose job or revision rhinoplasty surgery. This enables patients to visualize their expected results – so they can decide if, when and how they would like to proceed with surgery or other revision procedures.

Risks of Revision Rhinoplasty

In general, a first time or “primary” rhinoplasty is extremely routine and exceedingly safe – and serious complications are quite rare and can be treated effectively.

However, a secondary or revision rhinoplasty is always associated with higher risks, because the nasal tissues have previously been affected by prior surgery. In addition to pre-existing inflammation from prior surgery, there is typically also increased subcutaneous scarring, diminished blood supply and reduced skin elasticity. And, in the case of excisional rhinoplasty there may also be damaged or missing cartilage and other skeletal elements.

That is why it is extremely important to choose a highly skilled, experienced board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali for revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Board Certified Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

As with anything else, it is always easier to do something right the first time, rather than try to fix something that was done poorly and improperly. In some cases, an existing nose job’s deformities are so severe as to require multiple surgeries to normalize the nose. In other cases a misshapen nose cannot always be completely reconstructed into a “perfect nose” – but substantial improvement is almost always an option in the hands of a skilled, Board Certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali.

But in the vast majority of cases, Dr. Ali can reconstruct your nose into a shape, proportions and symmetry that complements your facial features, and leaves you satisfied with your appearance. And Vectra 3D imaging technology in our Birmingham office takes the “guess work” out of knowing what your results will be!

Birmingham’s Best Revision Nose Job Surgeon

If you are suffering from an unsuccessful or “botched” nose job, call Birmingham Board Certified Plastic surgeon Dr. Ali for a evaluation and consultation.  He will help you set realistic expectations, and explain your surgical options for correcting your previous nose job – ensuring that you achieve the best possible rhinoplasty results in your situation.

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