Lose Belly Fat with Affordable, Abdominal Liposuction

Liposuction for the Tummy (Stomach, Abdomen, Waist & Belly)

Although liposection is now performed on almost every area of the body, it originated as a treatment for removing excess fat from the tummy / belly / abdomen / waist / stomach area. In recent years, liposuction technologies have been refined and improved into procedures that are comfortable, safe, affordable – and give beautiful results.

Tumescent liposuction uses very fine tubes (microcannulas) to “suck out” belly fat. Because they are so small, the incision is miniscule – and requires no stiches and leaves no scarring. Swelling, bruising and pain are also minimized by the use of the extremely thin cannulas.

Once the fat cells are removed from the abdomen they are “gone for good” and will not return. Of course you can still gain weight with improper diet and lack of exercise – but the fat in the liposuction area will not return.

Benefits of a Skilled Liposuction Surgeon

Liposuction removes those pockets and bulges of abdominal belly fat that diet and exercise don’t touch. You see, your heredity or “DNA” determines where your body will place fat cells – and you are “stuck” with them in that location, no matter how much weight you lose. But liposuction changes the game by removing these excess fat cells!

Contouring the abdomen with liposuction is truly part science and part art. In addition to using state-of-the-art tumescent liposuction technologies to remove inches, a skilled and experienced liposuction surgeon will “sculpt” your fat deposits to give your body the best proportions and contours.

A skilled plastic surgeon will also apply the cannula parallel to the skin’s surface, which prevents dimpling and avoids damage to surrounding tissues.

An experienced liposuction surgeon such as Dr. Ali will approaching the abdomen from multiple angles to prevent irregular removal as well as ensure there is not a “donut” of fat around the navel. It is more than just “removing fat” but rather sculpting different areas of the body, to produce smooth, symmetrical, proportionate, results.

Additionally, the amount of fat removed needs to be assessed in relation to the degree of skin elasticity. Older patients, previous smokers, and some others may have less elasticity.  A more conservative approach to liposuction may need to be taken in these situations to prevent creating an empty skin envelope after liposuction.

In short, abdomen liposuction must be tailored to the specific needs of each patient and must take many factors into account to ensure optimal results.

Circumferential Torso Liposuction

Central abdomen liposuction only addresses the belly. But many patients with excess abdominal fat also have fat deposits in surrounding areas, such as the “flanks” or “love-handles”. For these patients, circumferential torso liposuction is beneficial – which addresses the abdomen, flanks and waist – so as to prevent a wide and flat look.

In order to properly deliver circumferential torso liposuction, a patient typically lies on their side with their back straight, giving the plastic surgeon access to the waist, the central abdomen and the flanks. This enables the surgeon to bring proportion, balance and smooth contours to the entire area – rather than just sucked out fat from an isolated spot.

Best Rochester Hills Area Abdominal / Belly Fat Liposuction

Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women and men in Birmingham, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Auburn Hills and across Oakland County love their bodies with tumescent abdominal liposuction of their unwanted “belly fat”. He will be happy to offer you a consultation to help you understand your options. Dr. Ali will consider all aspects of your body proportions, the amount of fat, your lifestyle, your age and your goals in order to ensure the best liposuction results for you.

And remember, liposuction financing options are also available!

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