What Are the Side Effects of Liposuction?

Oakland County Surgeon Explains
The Side Effects of Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is performed with local anesthetic and is minimally invasive, making it an incredibly safe procedure for healthy men and women. As with any medical procedure, there are always some risks and potential complications. But hiring a skilled board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali – who has performed thousands of liposuction procedures – ensures that greatly lessen any risks.

Dr. Ali has performed thousands of tumescent liposuction procedures without complications. A recent study recently published in Dermatologic Surgery Journal reported that 112 patients who underwent the tumescent procedure had an average of two quarts of fat removed each, with no significant complications.

Does liposuction hurt?

The very first step in the liposuction process is an injection of local anesthetic. Once the local anesthetic has set in (usually 15 minutes) patients report feeling no pain at all.

Because Dr. Ali uses a tiny incision, and very small cannula (tube) to very gently remove the fat, most patients report minimal discomfort after liposuction as well.

There will be swelling, and may be some bruising after the procedures. Dr. Ali will discuss pain relief options with you – but most patients can manage any discomfort with over the counter Tylenol.

Will I have loose skin after liposuction?

When liposuction is done properly, you do not have loose skin following liposuction. Elastic skin will re-drapes and retracts to conform to the underlying tissue.

Dr. Ali will perform a thorough examination to determine your skin elasticity before scheduling liposuction. He is careful to remove the right amount of fat, in the right proportions, to ensure that your skin will support the new contours following liposuction.

Does Liposuction Leave Scars?

Each incision Dr. Ali makes in tumescent liposuction is no more than 3mm in length – which prevents the need for stitches, and minimizes or eliminates scaring. Typically a surgeon will make multiple incisions in order to adequately treat your target areas from multiple angles to achieve a smooth contour. However, the tiny scars, if any, are usually well-hidden and heal without incident.

What happens if I gain weight after liposuction?

When liposuction is performed fat is removed permanently. So, when liposuction is done properly, the contours of the body should permanently be improved. If you do gain weight, obviously you will be bigger, but your new contours and proportions should remain pretty much the same as they were after liposuction. Weight gain may make these contours a little less visible – but if you subsequently lose the weight again, your contours go back to what they looked like after liposuction.

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Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women and men in Birmingham, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Auburn Hills and across Oakland County love their bodies with tumescent liposuction. He will be happy to offer you a consultation to help you understand your options. Dr. Ali will consider all aspects of your body proportions, the amount of fat, your lifestyle, your age and your goals in order to ensure the best liposuction results for you.Financing options are also available.

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