Nose Reshaping: Small Corrections a New Trend

A recent article featured in the Plastic Surgery News talks about the reasons for rhinoplasty (nose reshaping). Most people who have their nose reshaped are not going for a “classic” look or a “celebrity” look. They’re simply people who feel that their nose doesn’t fit their face or is compromising their looks. In fact, may people elect to improve an issue that, often times, other people don’t really notice. But, they see it, and it bothers them.

Many nose surgeries correct slight issues; misalignments, curvatures, etc. Often times people have just the bridge worked on, or just the tip of the nose modified. And, the result enables them to look in the mirror every day without seeing that “flaw.”

Often, when we think of someone having their nose reshaped we envision a drastic change; perhaps something that makes them look like a different person. However, that’s simply not the case. Small corrections can improve a person’s confidence while changing their appearance only enough for friends to say “You look different…did you do something with your hair?”

If you have a nose or other facial imperfection, realize that cosmetic surgery is often the perfect solution for those small things that “bug you.” For a consultation with Dr. Ali, contact us today.

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