Plastic Surgery: Not Just Cosmetic

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery seem to be fairly synonymous in our vernacular. When most people think of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery comes to mind. Typically it’s thought that someone undergoes plastic surgery solely to make themselves look better. But, beyond cosmetics, plastic surgery has a number of health and wellness benefits.

Donna McLean, a London mother of three, turned to an eye-lift procedure when aging caused her naturally hooded eyelids to begin interfering with her vision. After a minimally-invasive procedure her vision improved and she experienced the added benefit of looking younger.

Studies have shown that cosmetic surgery can help improve self-image and that this improvement leads to an increase in happiness and a decrease in depression. The benefits of cosmetic surgery include not only improved physical appearance, but also psychological well-being.

And don’t discount the physical health benefits from many cosmetic procedures, including breast reduction, which can help decrease back and neck pain, a tummy tuck that improves posture and decreases back pain, and breast reconstruction for cancer survivors.

The reality is that people undergo cosmetic procedures for a variety of reasons, not just “vanity.” Self-esteem is linked to body image, and self-esteem is important to our overall health and well-being. If you’re experiencing physical challenges that you think could be addressed through plastic surgery, contact Dr. Ali today for a consultation.

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