Types of Nipple Correction Surgery

Types of Nipple Correction Surgery– 

A number of factors may cause both men and women to be embarrassed about their nipples and the pigmented skin that surrounds them. Cosmetic issues of shape and size or more functional concerns may motivate a patient to contact a plastic surgeon for help. If this applies to you, Dr. Ali, board certified plastic surgeon serving the Macomb County area, can explain all the options to you and help you achieve the results you hope for.

Nipple Correction Surgery: Asymmetrical Nipples

Like many features of human anatomy, areolas may be asymmetrical. If this bothers you, there is good news. Cosmetic procedures are available that will correct the asymmetry, making each areola match the other in size and shape.

Nipple Correction Surgery: Areola Reduction

The size and/or shape of the areolae may also cause dissatisfaction, leading you to seek either reshaping or reduction of the areolae. Size and shape can be altered by such factors as weight gain or loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Or, perhaps you were simply born with large areolas. Surgical procedures are available that can enhance or reduce the size and shape of the areolae, including removal of excess pigmented skin.

Nipple Correction Surgery: Nipple Augmentation

Most of us are aware of the use of hyaluronic acid fillers to plump up lips or other areas. This same method can be used to augment projection of the nipples. Most commonly nipple augmentation is used to correct nipple inversion, where nipples contract inward instead of protruding. However, the procedure is also commonly used in connection with breast reconstruction surgery, and sometimes even for patients who want their nipples to appear more prominent and erect.

Nipple Correction Surgery: Nipple Reduction

Nipple hypertrophy is a condition that sometimes happens when milk ducts connected to the nipple become enlarged. Or, some nipples become elongated or point downward. Although most frequently associated with milk ducts and/or breastfeeding, men can also develop this condition. Nipple reduction surgery, where the excess parts of the nipple are removed, can transform the nipple to a more pleasing shape. Nipple correction surgery involves little downtime and the recovery period is relatively short. The surgery itself is done under a local anesthesia, and is often combined with breast lifts, augmentation or reduction.

Nipple Correction Surgery: Inverted Nipples

An inverted nipple retracts inward rather than projects, and this condition may cause embarrassment. The most common cause of inverted nipples is congenital – short or shared milk ducts. However, in some rare cases, inverted nipples can occur as a result of breast cancer. This surgery is usually done under IV sedation or local anesthesia. Small incisions are made at the base of the nipple, to allow it to regain a more pleasing shape and appearance.

Of course, every effort would be made to preserve the function of milk ducts, any type of nipple correction surgery has the potential of severing the milk ducts which could impact the possibility of breastfeeding. An experienced and highly skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ali can evaluate your goals, and let you know what risks you face.

While this article answers some questions, if you are considering surgery to correct the size, shape or appearance of your nipples, no doubt you have more. It is important that you select a surgeon in whom you have confidence, who will take the time needed to explain all of your options and put you at ease, and with whom you feel completely comfortable. If you are in the greater Macomb County area and are considering nipple correction surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali to discuss your unique situation.

Best Macomb County Nipple Correction Surgery

Dr. Ali is a board certified Macomb County area plastic surgeon who has helped countless women get the breast appearance they love with nipple correction surgery. He will offer you a consultation to answer your questions and offer you understanding advice about your nipple correction surgery options.

Whether you simply dislike the position of your nipples, or you received poor implant surgery results from another surgeon, or you have undergone a mastectomy after battling breast cancer, we are here to help you improve your nipples’ appearance. Live your best life, feeling attractive and confident in your appearance, with beautiful nipples.

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