Nipple Correction Surgery FAQs

Nipple Correction Surgery Frequently Asked Questions-

Dr. Ali is a prominent board certified plastic surgeon in the Macomb County, Michigan area, with decades of experience and a thousands of satisfied patients. With over 20 years in practice and extensive training, Dr. Ali is a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, and has been rated Top Doc by Hour Detroit Magazine multiple years in a row. In this article, Dr. Ali discusses nipple correction surgery, and answers some frequently asked questions about the procedure.

Who is a Good Candidates for Nipple Correction Surgery?

In Dr. Ali’s experience, most nipple correction procedures take an hour or less, and may be helpful for you if:

  • you are in generally good health but you are dissatisfied by the appearance of your nipples or the surrounding pigmented area called the areola
  • you have nipples that sag below the crease of the breast
  • you have nipples that point downward, or you have enlarged areolas due to stretched skin
  • you have flattened or inverted nipples.

Who is Not a Good Candidate for Nipple Correction Surgery?

While nipple correction procedures are fairly common and considered to be safe, they may not be right for everyone. Dr. Ali recommends that if your nipples have unexpectedly or rapidly become inverted, consult with a breast specialist prior to considering nipple correction surgery. You want to be sure there are no underlying medical conditions that would affect the surgery, and more importantly, your overall health.

If you smoke and are unable or not willing to quit for a period of time prior to and after the surgery, or if your weight is unstable, you also may not be a good candidate.

What Conditions can Nipple Correction Surgery Fix?

Nipple correction procedures can reduce the size of the pigmented areas of skin surrounding the nipples, which is called the areolae.

Abnormally large or elongated nipples can be reduced in size, and inverted or misshapen nipples can be reshaped through nipple correction surgery.

Nipple correction surgery can be helpful if you have asymmetrical nipples, by reducing or reshaping one to match the other.

If you have too much breast tissue, areolas that are misshapen or enlarged, or nipples that create a “third breast,” you can benefit from nipple correction procedures. Dr. Ali can remove the pigmented skin, or even permanently excise the excess breast tissue, extra nipples, and areolas.

Nipples that are too small or inverted can also be enlarged or corrected in some cases with nonsurgical dermal filler injections.

Will I Have a Scar after Nipple Correction Surgery?

There is always scarring with any incision. However, a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali takes great care to position the scar around the areola so it is virtually undetectable. This scar actually helps to hold the shape of the areola.

Is Nipple Correction Surgery Safe?

Nipple correction procedures are generally considered to be safe, and complications are rare, assuming the physician is well trained, experienced and competent. Board certification provides an extra layer of protection to a patient, ensuring that the plastic surgeon is qualified to perform the procedure.

Unfortunately some women are tempted to save money by going to underdeveloped countries like Mexico, or to doctors who are not board certified plastic surgeons. This increases the risk of infection, serious complications, and unattractive results. You should never trust surgery on your breasts to anyone but a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali who has performed hundreds of nipple reconstructions.

Best Macomb County Nipple Correction Surgery

Dr. Ali is a board certified Macomb County area plastic surgeon who has helped countless women get the breast appearance they love with nipple correction surgery. He will offer you a consultation to answer your questions and offer you understanding advice about your nipple correction surgery options.

Whether you simply dislike the position of your nipples, or you received poor implant surgery results from another surgeon, or you have undergone a mastectomy after battling breast cancer, we are here to help you improve your nipples’ appearance. Live your best life, feeling attractive and confident in your appearance, with beautiful nipples.

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