Anesthesia Options During a Mommy Makeover

Understanding Anesthesia Options During Your Mommy Makeover

The thought of getting your pre-baby body back with a mommy makeover can be so exciting. And thanks to the miracle so of modern anesthesia, your surgery can be pain free. But going under anesthesia can also lead to a little anxiety for some women.

Today’s technology in anesthesia is incredibly safe. And understanding your anesthesia options can help put your mind at ease. In this article Detroit area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali helps you understand your anesthesia options during your mommy makeover.

General Anesthesia During Mommy Makeover

Most traditional mommy makeover procedures will require general anesthesia.

General anesthesia “knocks you out” or “puts you to sleep”. During general anesthesia a patient is completely unconscious and does not feel anything, including pain. Patients are not aware of, and do not remember, anything that occurs during surgery.

A certified anesthesiologist administers general anesthetic intravenously or by using an inhalation mask. They constantly monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing throughout the surgery.

Since a mommy makeover is a more complex surgery involving a combination of surgeries on several areas of the body at once, it is generally safer and much more comfortable have the patient under general anesthesia.

IV Sedation & Local Anesthesia During Mommy Makeover

If your mommy makeover involves less-invasive procedures, however, they may be performed with local anesthesia. Some less-invasive procedures may be able to be performed under IV sedation – also called “twilight sedation” or “conscious sedation” – paired with local anesthetic.

IV sedation makes a patient relaxed and drowsy but still conscious and awake. Patients don’t feel any pain or discomfort – and the local anesthetic numbs the treated area.

However, patients wishing to avoid general anesthesia will be more limited in the procedures they can have. Liposuction, for example, can be performed using just IV sedation with a local anesthetic.

No Anesthesia During Mommy Makeover?

Modern anesthetic is incredibly safe when administered by a certified anesthesiologist. But patients wishing to avoid anesthetic altogether can still get a “mini mommy makeover” with a variety of nonsurgical beauty and rejuvenation treatments offered in our Detroit area plastic surgery center and Med Spa.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical liposuction alternative that can flatten the tummy, and get rid of love handles, back rolls and other stubborn pockets of fat. And ThermiSmooth radio-frequency treatments can help strengthen and thicken the skin to improve its tone and tightness and get rid of cellulite.

Additionally, our various laser treatments as well as Botox and dermal fillers injections, can treat facial wrinkles and lines.

Choosing the Right Mommy Makeover for You

Pregnancy and childbirth affects every mommy differently. Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has performed hundreds of mommy makeovers under general anesthesia with stunning and safe results. He has helped hundreds of women in Ann Arbor, Detroit and across Southeast Michigan get their bodies back with customized Mommy Makeovers!

Schedule a Mommy Makeover consultation in our Detroit area office, and Dr. Ali will discuss all of your options and answer all of your questions – to help you decide which procedures are right for you.

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