What Procedures are in a Mommy Makeover?

Your Procedure Choices in a Mommy Makeover

Renowned Detroit plastic surgeon Dr. Ali completely customizes each mommy makeover to the patient’s unique needs and cosmetic goals. Every woman’s body is different – and pregnancy & delivery affects different women differently. So every woman’s mommy makeover will be personalized just for them during their consultation to reflect their specific needs.

With that in mind, the following list of available mommy makeovers can help get you started on thinking about what procedures are right for you. Take a look, and then schedule a mommy makeover consultation in our Birmingham, MI office with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali to discuss what’s right for you!

Mommy Makeover Breast Lift (with optional implants)

A woman’s breasts expand and contract dramatically during milk production, often causing her to go up several cup sizes, then drop back down once the baby is done breastfeeding. Because the skin has stretched so much, many women are left with flatter, saggy breasts.

A surgical breast lift can “tone and tighten” the breasts, restoring them to a natural and before after breastfeeding is complete, a combined lift and augmentation (implants) can be ideal. It is also a great opportunity for women who were never satisfied with their breasts even before pregnancy to go up a few sizes or get implants that give them better shape and fullness.

Mommy Makeover Liposuction

We all know that the pounds added during pregnancy can be tough to lose. Additionally, it’s very common for pregnancy hormones to cause a woman’s body to develop new deposits of fat in strange new places. And, unfortunately, this fat can be very stubborn and not respond to diet, exercise or conventional weight loss methods. Even mommies who return to their pre-baby weight may still discover that she has a new “muffin top” or “paunch” that won’t go away.

Mommy makeover liposuction saves the day by permanently removing unwanted fat cells in the belly, love handles or virtually anywhere on the body.

During liposuction fat is literally sucked out of the body through a minimally-invasive tube-like instrument.  Better yet, once liposuction removes the fat cells, they never come back in that area.

Mommy Makeover Tummy Tuck

Sometimes simply getting rid of the fat isn’t enough to restore a woman’s shape. Pregnancy can also cause loose skin and damaged, sagging muscles in the abdomen.

During tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Ali can tighten the abdominal skin, and muscles if necessary. Loose skin is surgically removed and any muscle damage you have will be repaired.  Even better, the skin tightening and removal process can also get rid of those annoying stretch marks from pregnancy.

Woman with only loose skin, but no muscle damage may only require a “mini” tummy tuck. This can be a great option, as mini tummy tucks are associated with minimal scarring and a much shorter recovery period.

Mommy Makeover Labiaplasty

Though not often discussed, a woman’s labia often stretches substantially during childbirth, causing the “flaps” of the labia minora to protrude beyond the labia majora. Not only can this make a woman feel sexually unattractive, it can also be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, labiaplasty can be performed to remove the excess skin from the labia minora.

Best Detroit & Canton Area Mommy Makeovers

Detroit Area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has performed hundreds of mommy makeovers on women from Ann Arbor, Canton and across the Detroit area with stunning results, giving them their pre-baby bodies back.

He will take the time to answer your questions, explain your options and help you choose the procedures that are right for you.

In addition to mommy makeover surgical procedures we also offer a variety of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that can be combined with your mommy makeover to help you look and feel thinner, younger, more refreshed and more attractive.

Schedule a Mommy Makeover consultation in our Detroit area office, and Dr. Ali will discuss all of your surgical and nonsurgical options – to help you decide which procedures are right for you!

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