Treating Painful Sex After Menopause (Part I)

Treating Painful Sex After Menopause (Part I) – 

Whenever the body experiences significant change to its production of hormones -such as those caused by menopause- a number of uncomfortable side effects may occur. Among the most frustrating examples is one faced by countless women in the Troy, MI area: experiencing painful sex after menopause.

More than 50% of all women report having experienced painful sex after menopause. This condition, called Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM), leaves many women feeling helpless. Sadly, may postmenopausal women feel as though they must simply accept painful sex after menopause as being simply a reality of getting older. Fortunately, thanks to recent breakthroughs in vaginal rejuvenation medicine, anyone suffering from GSM can visit our Troy, MI area medical spa to make painful sex after menopause a thing of the past!

In this two-part article, we will discuss some of the options available to Troy, MI area women suffering from painful sex after menopause, including those available at AMAE Med Spa.

Home Remedies for Painful Sex After Menopause

Perhaps one of the cruelest realities of menopause is that the symptoms of declining hormones do not, for the most part, subside on their own. Nonetheless, symptoms like painful sex after menopause (often the product of vaginal dryness) can be reduced by implementing a number of short-term treatments that can be performed within the comfort of one’s own Troy, MI area home.

Lubrication for Painful Sex After Menopause

After a Troy, MI area women undergoes childbirth, menopause, or another period of hormonal change, her vagina may no longer produce a sufficient level of lubrication. This is one of the main causes of painful sex after menopause or other hormonal changes, and as a result, has led to the creation of numerous commercial lubricants available for purchase. For a more natural alternative to such products, Troy, MI area women may consider using organic coconut oil.

Relaxation for Painful Sex After Menopause

The vagina is capable of regulating its own level of moisture based upon hormone spikes, such as those that occur during sexual arousal. If a women is experiencing painful sex after menopause, she should discuss it openly with her partner. This allows her to communicate the best way for her to experience arousal. By relaxing into the moment of intimacy, as well as by engaging in comprehensive foreplay, many women find they are able to experience a sufficient enough increase in moisture to avoid sexual pain or discomfort.

Painful Sex After Menopause: Things to Avoid

One of the body’s most remarkable organs, the vagina is capable of self-cleaning. And most methods used to clean the rest of one’s body – including soaps and body washes – can worsen the effect of painful sex after menopause. This is especially true of scented soaps, bath bombs, bubble baths, and lotions. The dryness that leads to painful sex after menopause can even be caused by certain douches, and should be avoided by those afflicted. Instead, Troy, MI area women should instead simply rely on their vagina’s ability to clean itself, and use only hypoallergenic products meant for sensitive skin while experiencing painful sex after menopause.

Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Stops Painful Sex

While Troy, MI area women may use the methods described above for temporary relief from painful sex after menopause, a life free completely from the impact of vaginal atrophy can only be guaranteed through medical treatment. When patients find home remedies to no longer provide sufficient relief from painful sex after menopause, they are encouraged to visit our Troy, MI area office.

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Viveve For Painful Sex After Menopause – Troy, MI area

The impact of experiencing painful sex after menopause is not only physical, but can also be tremendously mentally and emotionally devastating. Fortunately, women no longer have to simply suffer in silence from painful sex after menopause. At AMAE Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in the Troy, MI area we are proud to be able to provide relief from painful sex with Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation.

If you are in the Troy, MI area and are ready to reverse the effects of painful sex after menopause, contact us today for a consultation.

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