5 Steps to Choosing Breast Implants (Part 1)

5 Steps to Choosing Your Breast Implants (Part 1) – 

Getting breast implants is an incredibly personal choice, with many options to consider.

Macomb County breast surgeon Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women chose the breast implants that will best complement their body type, fit their lifestyle and give them the body they’ve always dreamed of.

In this two part article, renowned Macomb County breast surgeon Dr. Ali discusses the 5 factors every women needs to consider when selecting the breast implants that are right for her.

 (1.) Choosing Breast Implant Type

During the patient consult, Dr. Ali will offer guidance on whether saline or silicone breast implant material would best suit the patient’s lifestyle, desired appearance, and body type. Both have their advantages. For example, silicone implants are often recommended for slender patients who don’t have a lot of breast tissue of their own as the implants feel considerably more natural.

Saline implants require a smaller surgical incision and are typically less expensive.

Implant texture is also a consideration, based on the patient’s lifestyle. Smoother implants are softer to the touch, while textured implants are more stationary and firmer.

(2.) Choosing Breast Implant Size

Patients have many choices when it comes to the actual size of their breast augmentation, and often think of breast implants in terms of bra “cup size”.  But surgical breast implant measurements are actually done more precisely by measuring cubic centimeters, or cc’s, which indicate the volume of silicone or saline used. Breast implant size can range from a modest 120cc to a whopping 850cc.

Each centimeter represents one milliliter of silicone or saline. Two ounces of liquid are about 60cc’s in volume. Sizing should take into consideration the patient’s lifestyle, their body type, current weight and overall breast appearance desires.

Remember, bigger breasts are not always better if they compromise the patient’s comfort when performing routine activities such as exercising, playing with their children, etc.

Each patient’s body is different based on their chest and breast measurements, body type, and even the available amount of existing chest tissue available to cover their desired implant size.

Dr. Ali will offer a consultation to help recommend the best implant size. As Macomb County’s top breast implant surgeon, Dr. Ali’s thorough assessment helps ensure that every patient is 100% pleased with the overall breast augmentation outcome.

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Top Macomb County Breast Implant Surgeon

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He will take the time to consult with you and discuss your body type, your frame, your lifestyle and your appearance goals – so you achieve results you will love. Schedule a consultation today and Macomb County Breast Implant Surgeon Dr. Ali will help you decide the right size, shape, profile, type and texture of implant for you.

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