5 Steps to Choosing Breast Implants (Part 2)

5 Steps to Choosing Your Breast Implants (Part 2) – 

Getting breast implants is an incredibly personal choice, with many options to consider. Macomb County breast surgeon Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women chose the breast implants that will best complement their body type, fit their lifestyle and give them the body they’ve always dreamed of.

In this two part article, renowned Macomb County breast surgeon Dr. Ali discusses the 5 factors every women needs to consider when selecting the breast implants that are right for her.

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(3.) Choosing Breast Implant Shape

Size is just one consideration when choosing breast implants. The breast implant shape plays an important part in the overall breast fullness and chest “profile”. Teardrop shaped breast implants follow a woman’s more natural breast shape, while round implants allow a much fuller look, especially in the upper chest area.

Patients who want a “bustier” look often choose round implants that provide a more pronounced fuller silhouette, especially in the upper chest area.

However, other women feel round implants look less natural – and choose teardrop shaped implants for a more contoured profile that more “anatomically” suits their frame. Teardrop implants are shaped to be fuller and feel slightly firmer at the bottom, just like a natural breast.

The highly cohesive silicon material in teardrop breast implants also maintains its shape longer and is less likely to rupture, compared to round implants.

(4.) Choosing Breast Implant Projection & Profile

Female body types and frames vary, so it’s important to understand how projection and profile of breast implants affect the body’s overall balance just as much as the size of the implants do.  A woman’s frame and chest width will help determine if the implant “profile” – which is how far out the breast extends from the chest – should be low, moderate or high regarding.

High profile placement creates fullness in the upper chest, or “upper pole” region. This is quite noticeable in most women and might seem less natural to patients looking for more subtle enhancement.

For breast reconstruction patients, or women who have little remaining breast tissue due to age or breastfeeding, high profile implants may be the only solution. Women with narrow rib cages will also appear more proportionate with high pole placement, as it offers more volume but less width.

For a more natural look, low profile implants create fullness in the lower breast or “lower pole”. This offers a subtler augmentation for women who prefer a natural look – and may also offer a better solution for a woman built more broadly.

Many women believe large breast implants automatically create more cleavage, but if the patient has a naturally wide space between her breasts, implants won’t necessarily create that deep “v” some women desire.

Once Macomb County breast implant surgeon, Dr. Ali has consulted with the patient, he will be able to offer the best recommendation to achieve the most attractive look based on all of these factors.

(5.) Choosing Breast Implant Texture

Finally, the texture of breast implants is also a consideration, each with its own benefits. Textured breast implants are often chosen for their stability in the breast pocket – and less noticeable exterior scarring or “rippling”.

While smooth implants may develop slight under dermis wrinkling, they move more naturally and are softer to the touch.

Top Macomb County Breast Implant Surgeon

Top Macomb County Breast Implant Surgeon Dr. Ali has provided beautiful breast implants for thousands of satisfied patients across Macomb County, Oakland County and all of Southeastern Michigan.

He will take the time to consult with you and discuss your body type, your frame, your lifestyle and your appearance goals – so you achieve results you will love. Schedule a consultation today and Macomb County Breast Implant Surgeon Dr. Ali will help you decide the right size, shape, profile, type and texture of implant for you.

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