Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation – 

Before you make a final decision to get breast augmentation surgery, you need to do your homework. The first step in the process is a thorough consultation with a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Ali, a board certified Macomb County plastic surgeon has extensive experience in surgical breast augmentation, and has performed thousands of breast surgeries .

Breast Augmentation is a big decision. It is important to consider your reasons carefully. Breast augmentation is surgery is something wonderful you can do for yourself – so you love the body you’re in! Breast augmentation surgery should not be undertaken only to meet someone else’s expectations, or to measure up to often-unrealistic ideals set by magazines and television.

No matter what reason you have for considering breast augmentation surgery, your first step should be an in-depth consultation with a highly experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Macomb County board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has extensive experience performing breast augmentation surgeries, and can help you make the right breast augmentation decision to fulfill your goals and meet your appearance expectations.

During the Breast Augmentation Consultation

During the consultation, you and Dr. Ali will discuss in detail the options available. The right size and shape breast implant to complement your body’s size and proportions will be discussed. He will even show you different size and shape implants so you can better understand what will work best to meet your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Ali will also offer his expert recommendations regarding implant type (silicone or saline), positioning of the implant with respect to the muscle (above or below), and the location and type of the incision.

Another consideration is that, while most women are able to breastfeed after augmentation surgery, some are not. If you plan to have more children, it may be wise to consider waiting to have your surgery until afterwards. The bonus for waiting is that any sagging as a result of either breastfeeding or the pregnancy can be corrected at the same time.

Discussing Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Unless there is a medical necessity (such as reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy), insurance does not generally cover breast implants. However, financing options are available that will enable you to get the breast augmentation surgery you desire.

Certain types of implants (e.g. saline) can also be less expensive than other materials such as Memory Gel Silicone.

Breast Augmentation Sizing Consultation

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the surgery, you will need to make a sizing appointment that will take place a few weeks prior to the surgery date. At that appointment, you will finalize decisions.

You will be able to “try on” different size and shape of implants, and Dr. Ali will take final measurements.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

During your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Ali will discuss where the surgery will be performed, and if you will be able to go home the same day. He will also discuss the anesthesia used for your  breast augmentation – which is typically done under general anesthesia, where you are asleep for the procedure.

To insert the breast implant, the surgeon will make a single incision in one of three places: in the crease under your breast (inframammary), under your arm (axillary), or around your nipple (periareolar). Then, your breast tissue is separated from the muscles and connective tissue of your chest, creating a pocket either behind or in front of the chest wall muscle. The implant will be inserted into this pocket, and will be carefully centered behind your nipple.

Saline implants are generally inserted while empty, and then filled with the sterile water solution once they are in place. Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel. Once the implant is in place, the incision is closed with sutures, and the incision site is bandaged with skin adhesive and surgical tape.

Following the surgery, you will spend some time in the recovery room, and then will be released to go home. You will need to have someone drive you, and it is advisable to have someone stay with you at least for the first night.

Macomb County Breast Augmentation Consultation

The vast majority of women who choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery say that their augmented breast(s) help them feel more self-confident, feel better about their bodies, and give them a greater feeling of well-being.

Macomb County board certified plastic surgeon Doctor Ali offers a breast augmentation consultation to help you learn about your options and decide if breast implants are a good option for you.

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