12 Symptoms of Low Testosterone & What You Can do About It (Part 2)

12 Symptoms of Low T (testosterone) and What You Can do About It (Part 2) – 

Dr. Ali in Birmingham, MI, now offers the latest and most advanced, 100% natural, clinically tested and FDA approved Low Testosterone treatment.

In this two part article, we discuss 12 of the most common signs and symptoms of “Low T” – as well as the low testosterone treatment we provide to help men treat this condition.

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  1. Increased body fat from Low Testosterone

When men visit our Birmingham, MI medical spa for low testosterone treatment, one of their most common concerns is unwanted weight gain. This can include gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue), and is believed to result from a testosterone-to-estrogen ratio that is out of balance.

  1. Decreased bone mass from Low Testosterone

While the thinning of bone mass known as osteoporosis is most often associated with women, bone loss is also known to affect men with Low T. Since testosterone is responsible in part for producing and strengthening bones, men with Low T – particularly older men – often have lower bone volume.

If your battle with Low T has left you more susceptible to bone fractures, visit AMAE Med Spa in Birmingham, MI for low testosterone treatment.

  1. Low Testosterone can cause mood changes

At AMAE in Birmingham, MI, our patients with Low T regularly report experiencing mood swings. This is a product of testosterone impact on one’s mood and overall mental capacity. According to clinical research, men with Low T are more likely to experience difficulty focusing, irritability, and depression. Fortunately, our state-of-the-art low testosterone treatment should aid in patients feeling more “normal” – both physically and mentally/emotionally.

  1. Low Testosterone can affect memory

Along with testosterone levels, cognitive functions like memory tend to decline as a man ages. For this reason, doctors hypothesize a link between Low T and affected memory.

The Journal of the American Medical Association has published the findings of a number of studies that link low testosterone treatment with improved memory.

While experts do not agree on a conclusive connection between Low T and memory loss, a great many of the low testosterone treatment patients at our Birmingham, MI medical spa report experiencing issues with memory.

  1. Low Testosterone can decrease testicle size

At our Birmingham, MI area medical spa, many of our low testosterone treatment patients report having smaller-than-average sized testicles. This is due to the penis and testicles requiring testosterone to develop. Consequently, Low T often causes patients to have disproportionately small genitalia when compared to men with healthy levels of testosterone.

Nonetheless, numerous other factors may be responsible for testicles that are below-average in size, not just Low T. Again, that’s why you should see a doctor for symptoms of Low T and not try to self-medicate

  1. Low blood counts from Low Testosterone

If you’re seeking out a low testosterone treatment, you may also experience an increased risk of anemia. While Low T has more than its fair share of unpleasant symptoms, anemia can bring about even more. Dizziness, increased heart rate, leg cramping, and difficulty sleeping and/or concentrating are among common symptoms of anemia.

According to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who suffer both from Low T and from anemia experienced improvements to both conditions after receiving low testosterone treatment.

The Natural & Convenient Way to Treat Low Testosterone

Decreases in a man’s testosterone levels will occur incrementally over time, unlike women, who experience dramatic drops to their hormone levels during menopause. Below-normal testosterone levels are most likely to be found in older men. But regardless of age, anyone in the Birmingham, MI area suffering from Low T is invited to visit Dr. Ali, for the most effective, convenient and consistent FDA approved low testosterone treatment.

The BioTe hormone replacement therapy treatment (BHRT) is capable of restoring the body’s testosterone to ideal levels. The BHRT low testosterone treatment begins to correct Low T within 10 days of treatment, providing results that can last up to 6 months in male patients.

Low Testosteron) Treatment –  Birmingham MI

Low T can bring about countless painful frustrations, both physical and mental/emotional. But thanks to modern advancements in the field of low testosterone treatment, patients who visit Dr. Ali in Birmingham, MI can finally free themselves from the struggles of Low T.

If you’re ready to enjoy your life as you did before ever experiencing the impact of Low T, contact Dr. Ali for a consultation. Then come relax in our comfortable and discreet Birmingham, MI area medical spa for low testosterone treatment –  and get ready for a future free from Low T!

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