12 Symptoms of “Low T” & What You Can do About It (Part 1)

12 Symptoms of Low T (testosterone) and What You Can do About It (Part 1) – 

The male hormone called testosterone affects everything from a man’s sexual development to his physical appearance. Testosterone aids in the building of muscles and bone mass, and is also – perhaps most famously – responsible for a man’s sex drive and production of sperm.

As men age, their body begins to produce less and less testosterone. Commonly known as “Low T,” low testosterone is estimated by the American Urological Association to impact roughly 2 out of every 10 men above the age of 60. And by the time men reach their 70s and 80s, those numbers only continue to increase.

Fortunately, Dr. Ali in Birmingham, MI, now offers the latest and most advanced, 100% natural, clinically tested and FDA approved “Low T” (testosterone) treatment. In this two part article, we discuss 12 of the most common signs and symptoms of Low T – as well as the low testosterone treatment we provide to help men treat this condition.


  1. Low T can lower your sex drive

A man’s sex drive is determined largely by his testosterone levels. Consequently, many men experience a diminished sex drive as they get older. If you suffer from Low T and have experienced a dramatic decrease in your desire to have sex, you will most likely benefit from the low testosterone treatment offered at our Birmingham, MI medical spa.

  1. Low T causes difficulty with erections

Not only is a man’s libido stimulated by testosterone, it is also crucial to his ability to achieve and maintain an erection. While testosterone isn’t solely responsible for achieving an erection, it does play a vital role in stimulating the brain’s receptors necessary to do so.

While low testosterone treatment can help patients with Low T erectile issues, there are numerous medical reasons why one may experience erectile dysfunction. As such, it is important to see a doctor and not try to treat yourself if you have ED. Dr. Ali will take a blood test to measure your testosterone levels to make sure this is the cause of your erectile problems.

  1. Low T can lower semen volume

Similarly, the body’s production of semen is impacted by its levels of testosterone.

If you have noticed a lower-than-usual volume of semen during ejaculations, you may very well benefit from low testosterone treatment, available at our medical spa in Birmingham, MI.

  1. Low T can lead to hair loss

Hair production is among the numerous body functions testosterone effects. While most men will experience some form of balding as they age, men with Low T often experience loss of facial and body hair as well. At AMAE in Birmingham, MI, our low testosterone treatment is an excellent way to catch testosterone-related hair loss before it worsens.

  1. Low T is known to cause fatigue

If you experience feelings of extreme fatigue despite getting regular sleep, you may benefit from low testosterone treatment. Low T is known to significantly decrease the energy levels of those effected.

  1. Low T can cause loss of muscle mass

Low T patients may also notice a decrease to their body’s muscle mass. While testosterone is not responsible for the strength or function of one’s muscles, studies have proven it to impact their mass.

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Low T (Testosterone) Treatment –  Birmingham MI

Low T can bring about countless painful frustrations, both physical and mental/emotional. But thanks to modern advancements in the field of low testosterone treatment, patients who visit Dr. Ali Birmingham, MI can finally free themselves from the struggles of Low T.

If you’re ready to enjoy your life as you did before ever experiencing the impact of Low T, contact Dr. Ali  for a consultation. Then come relax in our comfortable and discreet Birmingham, MI area medical spa for low testosterone treatment –  and get ready for a future free from Low T!

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