Liposuction: Be Careful Who You Choose

With the increase in clinics and doctors offering liposuction, it can seem that it is a procedure that can be done by anyone with a medical degree. Nothing could be further from fact. A liposuction procedure should be approached with the same level of care and consideration as any other cosmetic surgery procedure, like a breast augmentation, tummy tuck or facelift.

Recently the news has featured a number of stories of patients who have died after having liposuction done by doctors, many trained in other medical specialties, who have had a few days of liposuction training. Most of these deaths occurred when the patient experienced known complications, and the doctor lacked the proper training, experience, staff and facilities to handle the situation.

If you are considering liposuction, or any other plastic surgery, make sure you are working with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is performing the procedure. There can be complications to any procedure. Don’t put your safety in the hands of an inexperienced doctor.

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