The War on Terror Continues

Most people think of having plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons; to correct a minor flaw or improve their overall appearance. But for some people, plastic surgery is a necessity to correct devastating damage or a birth defect. From breast cancer survivors to children with cleft palates to survivors of global catastrophes, my many years as a plastic surgeon has allowed me to meet and help many of these courageous individuals.

Recently I became aware of a reconstructive surgical option available to those who have so bravely served their country. As a surgeon who has donated many hours to help those in need of reconstructive surgery, I would like to acknowledge those involved in Operation Mend, which offers reconstructive plastic surgery to men and women of the U.S. Military. Reconstructive surgery is an art, and the surgeons of Operation Mend are doing wonderful work repairing damage done during war.

As we reflect upon 911 and the price of freedom, we can take heart that many plastic and reconstructive surgeons are dedicating time and expertise to help out those so tragically affected by the war on terror.

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