Is Social Media Driving a Trend?

In a recent survey of 753 plastic surgeons, doctors indicated they are seeing an increase in requests for plastic surgery and anti-aging procedures that is being driven by people’s desire to look good online and in social profiles. Some surgeons have speculated that this could be contributing to an increased demand for Botox, upper-arm lifts, nose re-shaping, and facelifts.

Of course, everyone wants to look good all the time, but plastic surgery is a very personal decision, and should only be undertaken to satisfy yourself, not others. In fact, there are many ways to improve your profile photo without plastic surgery.

First, make sure you have a great photo. Not surprisingly, photos taken by a professional photographer in a controlled and well lit setting are much higher quality and much more flattering than those “mug-shot” style photos taken against a white wall.

Also, an understanding of the application of cosmetics and your own physique can make a huge improvement in your profile pic. If you have a good side, make sure to get the shot from that side. If you’ve never had a professional makeup consultation, consider one.

There are many other ways to upgrade our profile photo. For a good article on this, visit check out Hello Gorgeous! 10 Tips to Look Great in Any Photo from Style Magazine.

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