3 Surprising Ways to Get Rid of Back Fat

3 Ways to Get Rid of Back Fat (#3 Will Surprise You!)

If you have unwanted back fat – sometimes called “bra rolls” or “back bulges” – you know that it simply does not respond to diet or exercise. Even women at or near their ideal weight can suffer from dreaded, unsightly back fat – especially as they get older.

Back fat can squeeze out from beneath bra bands and straps, ruining the appearance of t-shirts and other fitted clothing, or apparel made from thin material. And, sadly, back fat can make a woman think twice about even considering a sleeveless wedding dress or evening gown.

The good news is that AMAE Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in the greater Troy, MI area offers three fast, affordable and permanent solutions to back fat. And the third back fat treatment option we offer is sure to surprise most people! Bra roll reduction can be done via liposuction, CoolSculpting, and now by Kybella injection!

What Causes Back Fat

There are two primary causes of back fat. And the first simply can’t be helped: heredity. The placement of fat on our bodies is primarily determined by our genes. That’s why even “thin” people can have stubborn fat deposits on their thighs or their back – no matter how much they work out or how little they eat.

Additionally, as women age, the spine compresses causing a loss of height. According to a report by the AARP, women lose an average two inches in height between the ages of 30 and 70, and by age 80, most women have shrunk a total of three inches.

So, if you put the same amount of hereditary back skin and fat on a smaller frame, it is simply going to “bulge” more as the woman loses inches. Fortunately, all three treatments available at AMAE Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in the Troy, Mi area can get rid of back fat – so you feel confident and sexy in whatever you wear!

#1. Liposuction to Get Rid of Back Fat

The fastest way to remove the largest amount of fat that has accumulated in their upper or lower back is liposuction. Some of the most dramatic results from liposuction can be seen when it is applied to the back.  Patients can lose several ounces or even pounds of fat with lipo. A tube-like device called a cannula is gently inserted into the fat layer of the back and the fat cells are suctioned out. Once the back fat cells are removed, they are gone for good and fat cells can never return in that area!

back fat liposuction troy macomb county area#2. CoolSculpting to Get Rid of Back Fat

CoolSculpting is a less invasive method for getting rid of back fat – killing fat cells by freezing them, after which they are eliminated by the body. CoolSculpting can reduces approximately 20 to 25% percent of the fullness of the “back bulge” during a single 35-minute session – without incisions or surgery. And multiple treatments can remove even more.

A specially designed CoolSculpting applicator called the CoolCurve is specially shaped to target and eliminate unwanted back fat. Results begin to show after a few weeks but will become dramatically visible after several months, as the body continues to flush the frozen and destroyed fat cells. And there is no downtime with CoolSculpting back fat removal.

#3. Kybella to Get Rid of Back Fat

The newest and most surprising way to get rid of back fat is with Kybella injections! Originally approved to destroy and eliminate unwanted submental fat in the “double chin” area, Kybella has more recently proven effective at reducing bra fat rolls. The FDA approved Kybella to get rid of back fat in 2018.

Kybella is an injectable medicine that literally dissolves fat, much in the same way that a detergent can break down grease. A series of “shots” targets and dissolves the fat in the bra roll, and then the body removes the liquified fat through its natural elimination processes.

Kybella typically requires multiple treatments, depending on the amount of back fat being targeted. But on average, 2 or 3 Kybella sessions are all that is needed to get rid of small to moderate-sized “bra bulges”.

Get Rid of Back Fat – Troy, MI

Once back liposuction, CoolSculpting or Kybella remove back rolls and bulges they will never come back. As a result, patients permanently experience a more slender and contoured physique. Your clothes, sleeveless dresses, bathing suits (and lingerie!) will look better. And you will have a new sense of self-esteem and confidence, on the beach, at the banquet, or in the boardroom or the bedroom!

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