Look Younger with Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Look Younger with Eyebrow Lift Surgery – 

Eyebrow lift surgery, known medically as an endoscopic forehead lift, is one of the most effective anti-aging procedures performed at AMAE Plastic Surgery in the Troy, Mi area. Eyebrow lift surgery is performed to correct expression lines, deep forehead wrinkles, drooping eyebrows, and other visible signs of aging. The end result is a much more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of eyebrow lift surgery, and why it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries with Troy, MI men and women over the age of 40.

What Eyebrow Lift Surgery Can Do

One inevitable reality of the aging process is the development of wrinkles on the forehead and/or between the eyebrows. The drooping effect this can have on the eyes can make a person look significantly older than they are. Eyebrow lift surgery has the ability to reverse all that. Through eyebrow lift surgery, forehead creases, frown lines, drooping eyelids, and vertical lines between the eyebrows can all be treated.

As the name suggests, eyebrow lift surgery is performed to raise a patient’s eyebrows to a more youthful-looking position. As with any procedure at AMAE Plastic Surgery, the goal of eyebrow lift surgery is to look natural, and Troy, MI board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali takes great care to meet all of his patients’ unique cosmetic goals. In order to do so, during the consultation, Dr. Ali may recommend that eyebrow lift surgery be performed in conjunction with a facelift, nose surgery, or eyelid surgery.

Considering Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Like any other surgical procedure, the choice to undergo eyebrow lift surgery requires planning on the part of the patient. At AMAE Plastic Surgery, Troy, MI board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali offers a consultation to anyone considering eyebrow lift surgery. During the consultation, patients will receive all information necessary to help them decide if eyebrow lift surgery is right for them. Dr. Ali will then offer individualized procedure recommendations based on the patient’s medical history.

Dr. Ali goes takes great care to understand the specifics of exactly what each patient hopes to gain from eyebrow lift surgery, taking into consideration any concerns the patient has. He will also answer any questions the patient has about eyebrow lift surgery.

The Eyebrow Lift Surgery Procedure

At AMAE Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide our Troy, MI eyebrow lift surgery patients with the least-invasive surgical techniques possible while still remaining efficient and delivering stellar, long-lasting results. Recent advancements in the field of eyebrow lift surgery have significantly minimized both tissue disruption and post-surgical scarring.

Eyebrow lift surgery may be performed under either local or general anesthetic. And thanks to incredible advancements in endoscopic technology, Troy, MI board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali is able to perform eyebrow lift surgery through tiny “keyhole” incisions made behind the hairline (meaning they are easily concealed). Then, using a special surgical telescope, Dr. Ali is able to accurately observe the minute details of the patient’s forehead anatomy.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery is able to provide Troy, MI patients with unparalleled results without the need for full-sized incisions. Such procedures also result in minimal scarring, and are able to preserve the patient’s hairline.

Recovery from Eyebrow Lift Surgery Lift

Roughly two weeks after eyebrow lift surgery, board certified Troy, MI plastic surgeon Dr. Ali will remove any remaining stitches. One added bonus of undergoing eyebrow lift surgery is that the incision point typically heals very well, leaving almost invisible scars.

Not only that, but eyebrow lift surgery patients vary rarely experience any complications from their procedure. The American Society for Plastic Surgery reports that less than 1% of all eyebrow lift surgery patients experiences any kind of complications. That said, patients may experience some discomfort to the forehead, which can be treated with medication. Eyebrow lift surgery patients may also experience some swelling to the treatment area -which can be managed by elevating the head- as well as some numbness. Fortunately, any such side effects should dissipate substantially after about a week or so.

Eyebrow Lift Surgery – Troy, MI Area

At AMAE Plastic Surgery, Troy, MI board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali is committed to providing all of his eyebrow lift surgery patients with a safe and comfortable experience that meets their aesthetic goals, and helps them look younger and feel more confident and attractive. If you live in the Detroit, Birmingham, or Troy, MI area contact us today for a consultation to find out if eyebrow lift surgery is right for you.

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