How Breast Surgeons Correct Inverted Nipples

Breast Surgeons Can Correct Inverted Nipples

Many women desire cosmetic changes to their breasts, and one of the most common procedures performed by breast surgeons is correcting an inverted nipple.

Detroit area double board certified breast surgeon Doctor Ali has enhanced, restored and repaired hundreds of women’s breasts, giving them the appearance and the self confidence they desire. In this article he discusses breast inversion correction surgery.

What Is an Inverted Breast Nipple?

An inverted nipple is a nipple that protrudes inward, instead of outward. It can look flat, mishappen, or even appear to be a sunken hole where the nipple would normally be located.

Nipple inversion is more common than most people realize, affecting at least 2% of all men and women. Some people are born with inverted nipples, while others have nipples that become inverted later in life due to breastfeeding, a tumor pulling the nipple inward, trauma or other conditions.

An inverted nipple can cause embarrasment during intimacy, in the locker room or fitting room, or any time a woman’s breast may be seen. In addition to cosmetic concerns, inverted nipples can also sometimes cause functional problems, such as making breastfeeding difficult.

How Breast Surgeons Correct Inverted Nipples

Breast surgeons can perform a simple and routine surgery on the nipples that restores a natural appearance. There is usually no to very little scarring, and the milk ducts are not affected for future breastfeeding.

During inverted nipple breast surgery the surgeon reshapes the nipple and areola so that the nipple projects out from the breast. This changes the appearance of the breast and still preserves the sensitivity of the nipple. Certain procedures also make sure the milk ducts are still working so that women can still breastfeed afterwards.

What to Expect After Nipple Correction Surgery

You will feel some discomfort for a few days after surgery, but this is easily managed with pain medication. After the Nipple Correction Surgery, some bruising and swelling is normal, but this typically only lasts for a few days.

You will be encouraged to begin walking around on the day of surgery, and can return to work as soon as you feel well enough. Many patients return to work as early as a day or two after surgery. Any stitches will generally be removed about 1 to 2 weeks following the procedure.

Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity as well as sexual activity for a week or two. You should also avoid exposing the resulting small scars to the sun for at least six months. Sunlight can permanently affect the skin’s pigmentation, causing the scar to turn dark. If sun exposure is unavoidable, use a strong sun block.


Top Detroit Breast Surgeon

The first step in correcting an inverted nipple is to have an examination and evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Ali can work with you to develop the best possible plan for your particular needs. In most cases, nipple correction requires minimal recovery time.

If you’re concerned about an inverted nipple or would like more information about our nipple correction procedures, contact Detroit area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali.

The vast majority of women who choose to get breast surgery, including nipple correction, report that their new breasts help them feel more self-confident, feel better about their bodies, and give them a greater feeling of well-being.

Detroit area board certified plastic surgeon Doctor Ali offers a breast surgery consultation to help you learn about your options and decide if breast implants are a good option for you.

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