Surgeon’s Tips for Preparing for Breast Implant Surgery (Part 1)

Plastic Surgeons’ Top Ten Tips for
Preparing for Breast Implant Surgery (Part 1)

You’re all set: you and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali have chosen the type of implant you’ll use and the size that you want. You’ve gone over all your options, and now it’s time to prepare for your breast implant surgery.

Your surgeon will go over everything you need to do beforehand to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure, but here are a few additional tips offered by top surgeons to ensure the best results.

#1. Understand the Breast Implant Surgeon’s Instructions

Make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page about everything you need to do beforehand. Read your pre-op instructions before the big day! Ask your surgeon any questions you may have beforehand. Remember there’s no such thing as a silly question.

You’ll also want to have all of your prescriptions filled before the procedure, so they’ll be available to you as soon as you start your recovery period.

#2. Stop taking Blood Thinners before Breast Implant Surgery

You’ll want to avoid any kind of blood-thinning medication for about two weeks or so prior to surgery. This includes any Vitamin E, as well as anti-inflammatories such as aspirin.

#3. Do NOT Smoke before Breast Implant Surgery

Ideally, it is in the best interest of your health to stop smoking altogether. But it is essential that, if nothing else, you don’t smoke for at least the two weeks leading up to your breast implant surgery.

Nicotine hinders the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the site of the surgery, so smoking immediately beforehand or during your recovery period will exacerbate swelling, pain, side effects & potential complications associated with surgical procedures.

#4. Move All Essential Home Items to an Easy-to-Reach Location

Following your procedure, you don’t want to raise your arms above your head. Make sure you have easy access to everything you need, or arrange for someone to help reach things for you as you recover.

#5 . Get the Right Bra before Breast Implant Surgery

As you recover from your breast implant surgery, you’ll want to wear the most comfortable bra possible. A very supportive, cotton bra without underwire is the ideal choice!

You will experience some drainage during your recovery, so having a few bras on hand can keep you feeling clean and fresh, without needing to do luandry after your breast implant surgery.

Your surgeon’s instructions will indicate how long you will be wrapped or bandaged after your surgery, as well as when you should resume wearing a bra.

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