Surgeon’s Tips for Preparing for Breast Implant Surgery (Part 2)

Plastic Surgeons’ Top Ten Tips for
Preparing for Breast Implant Surgery (Part 2)

As the Detroit area’s top breast implant surgeon, Dr. Mazhar Ali has performed hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries, with beautiful results. It is always his goal to make the surgery and recovery as comfortable as possible! In this two part article, Dr. Ali shares tips from the world’s best breast implant surgeons for preparing for your breast augmentation surgery.

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#6. Employ the Buddy System before Breast Implant Surgery

Make sure to arrange for a friend to drive you to your surgery and to take you home after, as well as to stay with you the first night of your recovery.

You’ll also need someone to help you around the house for the first few days while your rest up and recover from your breast implant surgery.

#7. Buy the Right Groceries before Breast Implant Surgery

Purchase foods that don’t upset your digestive system. Foods like crackers, applesauce, soup, and Jell-O are some of the easiest on your stomach while recovering from surgery.

You’ll also want a good stock of foods to keep you regular with a high fiber content. If you tend toward constipation, stool softeners, prune juice, or mild laxatives are good to have in the house – as some pain medications result in mild constipation.

#8. Arrange Your Bed before Breast Implant Surgery

After your breast implant surgery, in order to keep your implant in position – and minimize swelling – your surgeon will likely asvise you to sleep with your body elevated for at least a few days.

Arrange your bed before your surgery, so you can prop yourself up (with plenty of pillows or a wedge). Or, even consider sleeping upright in a comfortable reclining chair.

#9. Wear Soft Comfortable Clothes

As you recover from breast implant surgery, you’ll want to dress in comfy, loose-fitting clothing. While your board certified surgeon will prescribe you all the necessary medication to alleviate pain, you’ll want to do everything you can to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible as you recover.

Front opening cotton pajamas or sweatshirts are ideal, since you don’t have to raise your arms to put these on. Since you will have some leakage after implant surgery, having several clean comfoirtable lounging outfits or pajama sets ready will keep you feeling fresh and alleviate the need to do laundry during the initial recovery.

#10. Staying  Cool

As with any surgical procedure, you will most likely experience some mild swelling following your breast implant surgery. Purchase some ice packs (or perhaps a package of frozen peas) to place on yourself if you experience any swelling.

Under the care of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali, you are sure to have a safe and comfortable breast implant surgery. He will be happy to consult with you on any additional questions you may have about how to prepare for your procedure, and will guide your through every step of your recovery process.

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