Breast Augmentation Testimonial & Case Study

Breast Augmentation Testimonial & Case Study – 

Breast Augmentation Case Study

In April of this year (2018) Shannon Lynn M. came from Southgate to our Birmingham, MI plastic surgery office in search of help with a “botched” breast augmentation that was performed 4 years ago by another doctor.

As with many of our patients, Shannon was referred to us by a physician, who knew of Dr. Ali’s stellar reputation and excellent results in breast augmentation surgery and revision.

Unfortunately, Shannon had undergone breast augmentation surgery in 2014 at the hands of doctors who were NOT board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Ali. Shannon had heard this doctor make claims on a radio advertisement, and like many women she fell for his “hype”.

Shannon’s unfortunate results highlight the extreme importance of checking your plastic surgeon’s credentials, and making sure they have acheived beautiful breast augmentation results in hundreds of surgeries.

Shannon’s first surgeon had implanted breast implants that were too large for her frame. Additionally, he had placed them improperly in her chest. Implants that are too large and/or improperly placed can lead to pain as well as deformity. And that is what happened to Shannon.

When she returned to the same doctor, as well as a second doctor, both misdiagnosed her discomfort as “capsular contracture.” Rather than admit their mistake, Shannon was quoted a fee of an additional $9000 to correct the problem…which she could not afford.

After suffering with these improperly implanted breasts, Shannon was referred to us in April 2018. In June of 2018 Dr. Ali performed a revision breast augmentation, in which he was able to correct the “botched” procedure and reposition the breasts.

Two months later, Shannon has completely healed and she is thrilled with the look, feel and comfort of her breast augmentation revision by Dr. Ali.  We are so glad that Shannon found us, and we are as thrilled as she is with the final results!

Read the testimonial, below, to hear what Shannon has to say about her breast augmentation in her own words.

Breast Augmentation Testimonial

Amazing, words can not describe the gratitude I have for Dr. Ali and his staff!

I had a breast augmentation back in 2014, by one of those big shots that put their names all over the radio… Worst mistake of my life! I was botched, implants bigger than I wanted were put in, the doctor pretty much shoved them into my chest. It was a horrible surgery and experience! A month goes by, and my implants raised even higher, where the top of my implants were at my collar bone, and they were completely different looking. This doctor blamed me for what happened, and told me I had capsular contraction. Now given that I spent 8k on the surgery, they wanted an additional 9k for the surgery to correct it, plus I paid 100 dollars every 2 weeks to get steroids and a laser treatment that was unnecessary.

Knowing I couldn’t afford the surgery, about one year later I visited another big named doctor that was advertised everywhere. Who belittled me for the chest that I had and how I would almost have to go down 200cc (I’m a 425cc) and I would have to have a surgery for capsular contraction as well.

These Doctors are not plastic surgeons come to find out! One is an ear, throat, and nose doctor, and the other being a doctor of general medicine. Who just took classes online to be certified to do cosmetic surgery. I wish I would have known, so educate yourselves and do your homework before having any kind of surgery.

From someone who has had an awful surgery/experience, I am telling you Doctor Ali is the best!

I saw Dr. Ali in April of 2018 (4 years with awful implants), from the moment I walked into his office I was very comfortable and knew I found an amazing doctor. When I had my consolation with him, he knew right away it wasn’t capsular contraction, but a botched surgery. The fact that he sympathized with what I have had been through, and didn’t just try to make it just about the money was comforting. He told me it was going to be a challenge but he would make them look as good as he possibly could.

I had my surgery this previous June, and he did everything and beyond that he told me! I was able to keep my original implants instead of buying new ones, and he made them look so natural and perfect in my eyes! The hospital he works out of was amazing, the staff who works alongside him, and his knowledge and bedside manner is what we all want when undergoing a surgery! I am beyond grateful with the outcome and experience!

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