How Often Do You Have to Replace Breast Implants?

How Often Do You Have to Replace Breast Implants?

Many people mistakenly believe the myth that you must get breast implants replaced after ten years. This not true at all. If there are no problems with a woman’s breast implants – and she is still satisfied with their appearance – there is no need for revision surgery!

In fact, some women still have breast implants that they received back in the late 1960s or early 70s – and implant materials were much less durable back in those days.

Breast Implant Replacement and the 10 Year Myth

The myth about breast implant replacement every ten years actually comes from a misused statistic. Statistics have shown that ten years is the average number of years after primary breast augmentation surgery that women choose to have a revision.

This does not mean that implants automatically wear out at ten years. There are many reasons for breast replacement or revision surgery that have nothing to do with the implants themselves.

Remember, breast revision surgeries are performed for reasons other than replacing a damaged implant. The 10 year figure includes many woman who simply want a change in size or in position. It also includes women who have experienced capsular contracture or other complications – but whose implants themselves are still fine.

Factors Affecting Timing of Breast Implant Replacement

The age of your breast implants is only one factor affecting how long it lasts.

Older implants were not as sturdily constructed as today’s implants. Many of these did need to be replaced after 10 years. But today’s newer technology in breast implant materials and surgery techniques means that implants are now extremely durable.

Breast implants made of saline are less durable – and more likely to rupture than modern gel or “gummy bear” breast implants. So if you have silicone implants you can generally expect them to last longer than saline implants.

Physical stress or accidents can also affect the life expectancy of your breast implants. Competitive or very active athletes may be at higher a risk for breast implant damage, when falls or trauma puncture the breast. Similarly, unforeseen accidents such as a motorcycle crash or tumble down some stairs can also rupture a breast implant.

But, in a nutshell, if you are woman is happy with her breasts then she does not need to change her breast implants, unless she is having a complication.

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