Breast Revision Surgery to Remove Implants

Breast Revision Surgery to Remove Implants – 

The vast majority of breast revision surgeries involve removing old implants and replacing them. But in a small number of cases, a woman may have reasons for wanting the breast implants removed without being replaced.

While it is possible to remove breast implants without replacing them during revision surgery, most doctors recommend breast implants be replaced rather than entirely removal. This is because breast implant removal surgery is actually more complicated than breast implant replacement surgery – in addition to creating a greater risk of both bleeding and infection.

Who Chooses Breast Implant Removal?

For a small number of women, breast implant removal may be the best option. Women suffering from Rheumatological conditions may find that the breast implants worsen their condition. Similarly, patients with an autoimmune diseases – such as arthritis, MS, and lupus – may develop a sensitivity to certain materials in breast implants, such as silicone.

Skin Concerns when Removing Breast Implants

I a woman chooses to remove her implants entirely during breast revision surgery, she may also have excess skin and/or the nipple may now be located in the wrong place. The extent of these concerns will depend upon how large the removed implants were.

A breast lift, and/or other reconstructive surgery can be performed by a specialized breast revision surgeon to ensure there is no drooping or sagging skin or muscles.

Removing breast implants is more complex than the initial breast augmentation surgery. So if you decide that removing breast implants is right for you, choosing a surgeon who is highly experienced in breast implant revision surgery is essential to ensuring great results.

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