Why Breast Revision Surgery is More Challenging

Why Breast Revision Surgery is More Challenging– 

A second surgery to revise, correct, or “fix” breast implants is always more difficult than the first breast augmentation surgery, for several reasons. To begin with, there is often the presence of scar tissue that needs to be removed. Further, the breast surgeon is now working with skin, tissue and muscle that has already been “stretched” previously by the first breast implant surgery.

Breast Revision Surgery for Capsular Contracture

There are many reasons a woman may desire – or need – breast revision surgery. And the underlying reason or cause of the revision will determine the level of difficulty of the secondary revision surgery. In other words, certain other types of breast revision surgeries are easier than others.

For example, breast revision surgery for capsular contracture involves dealing with the formation of scar tissue that is impacting the implants – making it more complicated than a simple breast implant replacement or repositioning.

Similarly, breast revision surgery for early stage capsular contracture is less complicated and has a higher success rate than surgery for advanced capsular contracture where there is thickened scar tissue.

Breast Revision Surgery for Implant Repositioning

Repositioning implants that shifted (or were poorly positioned originally by an inexperienced surgeon) may not involve scar tissue. However, even among repositioning surgeries, some are easier than others. For example, surgery to lower breast implants is easier than surgery to raise implants. Similarly, moving implants outwards (toward the sides) is actually an easier surgery than moving the implants inward toward the center of the body.

Breast Revision Surgery & Original Incision Location

The location of the original breast implant incision may also affect the ease or difficulty of breast revision surgery. In many cases a breast revision surgeon will try to use the original incision, so that the patients does not end up with two scars.  If the original surgeon used a peri-areolar incision (around the outer edge of the lower areola) the new surgeon can reopen the scar and have a 360-degree view of tissues inside the breast. This enables more precision in releasing any scar tissue and modifying the original pocket.

In some case breast revision surgery requires placing the implant in a different plane than the first surgery in order to achieve the best results. For example, the old implants may have been placed over the muscle – while new ones need to be places under the muscle (or vice-versa).

This is enables the surgeon to place the replacement implants in an area where there is less scar tissue and less tissue damage or stretching from the first surgery.

Of course everyone’s breast revision surgery is different and must be handled on an individual case by case basis.

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