The Challenges of Breast Revision Surgery

Why Breast Revision Surgery is More Challenging– 

With anything in life, it is almost always safer, better and easier to “do it right” the first time – rather than have to fix it “after the fact”. And breast augmentation surgery is no exception to this rule.

A second surgery to revise, correct, or “fix” a problematic breast implant surgery is almost always more difficult and complex than the first breast augmentation surgery, for several reasons. To begin with, there is often the presence of scar tissue that needs to be removed. Further, the breast surgeon is now working with skin, tissue and muscle that has already been “stretched” previously by the first breast implant surgery.

Top Birmingham board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has provided breast revision surgery for hundreds of women across Oakland County and the greater Detroit area, including: Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, and more. Because of his expertise, high standard of care, and exceptional results in even the most difficult cases, he is the surgeon that other physicians refer their patients to for breast revision surgery. With his unparalleled skill, years of expertise, and modern techniques, Dr. Ali can fix almost any breast implant problem, including: implant rupture, asymmetry, capsular contracture, implant size change, and more.

There are many reasons a woman may desire – or need – breast revision surgery. And the underlying reason or cause of the revision will determine the level of difficulty of the secondary revision surgery. In other words, certain other types of breast revision surgeries are easier than others.

Breast Revision Surgery for Capsular Contracture

The formation of a “capsule” of scar tissue around any kind of implant in the body – from a knee replacement to an artificial hip to breast implants – is a normal part of the healing process. However, when “capsular contracture” occurs, the body has produced scar tissue around a breast implant plant in a way that can distort the shape of the breast, result in “hardness” and cause pain.

Breast revision surgery for capsular contracture involves dealing with the formation of scar tissue that is impacting the implants – making it more complicated than the original surgery as well as more challenging than a simple breast implant replacement or repositioning.

Breast revision surgery for early stage capsular contracture, however, is less complicated and has a higher success rate than surgery for advanced capsular contracture where there is thickened scar tissue. So, if you have breast implants, it is important to see a breast revision specialist like Dr. Ali at the first sign of hardening, pain or distortion in shape in area of the breast implants.

Breast Revision Surgery for Implant Repositioning

Sometimes an unskilled surgeon my position breast implants too high, too far apart, or asymmetrically. In other cases breast implants may have “shifted” due to surgeon error, improper technique or trauma to the breast. Repositioning implants that have shifted or were poorly positioned originally may or may not involve scar tissue. However, even among repositioning surgeries, some are easier than others.

For example, breast revision surgery to lower breast implants is easier than surgery to raise implants. Similarly, moving implants outwards (toward the sides) is actually an easier surgery than moving the implants inward toward the center of the body.

And remember, any time breast implants are moved during breast revision surgery, the plastic surgeon is now working with skin that has already been stretched and sutured over the implant – and must be pulled and sewn up a second time.

Breast Revision Surgery for Leaks, “Pops” & Size Changes

Newer generations of implants are very unlikely to “pop” or “leak” thanks to advancements in breast implant materials. But some women may need to have older breast implants removed due to a leak or deflation (popping). In these cases, a skilled plastic surgeon is required to reopen the breast and “match” the new breast with the previously implanted breast on the other side. In these cases, precision, skill and accuracy are needed to maintain symmetry of size and positioning.

In a rare number of cases, a woman may simply no longer wish to have the larger breasts that she desired when she was younger for strictly personal aesthetic reasons. At AMAE Dr. Ali has also performed breast revision surgery on women who find that they “went too big” when they were younger and feel that the breast implants are now in the way or a little too ostentatious. In these cases Dr. Ali must remove the implant and replace it with a smaller one – or in some cases remove the implants entirely and return the breast to a natural pre-implant appearance.

Breast Revision Surgery Considerations

The location of the original breast implant incision can also affect the ease or difficulty of breast revision surgery. In many cases a breast revision surgeon will try to use the original incision, so that the patients does not end up with two scars.  If the original surgeon used a peri-areolar incision (around the outer edge of the lower areola) the new surgeon can reopen the scar and have a 360-degree view of tissues inside the breast. This technique enables more precision in releasing any scar tissue and modifying the original pocket.

But, in some case breast revision surgery requires placing the implant in a different plane than the first surgery in order to achieve the best results. For example, the old implants may have been placed over the muscle – while new ones need to be placed under the muscle (or vice-versa). This may enable the surgeon to place the replacement implants in an area where there is less scar tissue and less tissue damage or stretching from the first surgery.

As you can see from these many considerations, breast implant revision surgery is not a standard or routine procedure. Everyone’s breast revision surgery is different and must be tailored on an  individual case by case basis to safely and effectively meet the patient’s goals and desires. For this reason, breast revision surgery should ONLY be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Birmingham, Mi’s Dr. Ali, who is highly-trained and experienced in all types of breast surgery techniques and procedures.

Dr. Ali will listen to each patient’s breast revision goals and desires and will develop a unique, customized surgical plan to specifically to address all of the issues and challenges of a second surgery.

Birmingham, MI Top Breast Revision Surgeon

Top plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has provided breast revision surgery for hundreds of patients across Oakland County and the greater Detroit area, including: Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, and more.

Because of his expertise and exceptional results Dr. Ali is the surgeon to whom other surgeons refer their most difficult breast revision cases. If you are suffering from any breast implant problem, including implant rupture or leak, asymmetry, improper positioning, pain, hardness, scar tissue, capsular contracture, or the “wrong size” implants, Dr. Ali is here to help you.

No matter what problems or issues you are having with your breast implants, board certified breast revision surgeon Dr. Ali will listen to your concerns and help you find the solution.

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