Ready for a Change? Breast Implant Exchange

What is a Breast Implant Exchange?

The technology used in modern silicone gel and saline breast implants have improved significantly in the last decade. Not only are they much safer, but they are also now considerably longer lasting. However, nothing in life lasts forever – and breast implants are no exception.

There can be many reasons that a woman decides it is time to “exchange” her implants – from wear-and-tear, to medical reasons, or even a change-of-mind about size or shape.

While breast implant exchange is a fairly common surgical procedure, removing and replacing breast implants is always more complex than the initial breast augmentation surgery. This is because the skin and tissue has already been stretched, and scar tissue may have developed.

So, if you decide that a breast implant exchange is right for you, choosing a surgeon who is highly experienced in breast implant revision surgery is essential to ensuring excellent results. Top plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has provided breast exchange surgery for hundreds of patients across Oakland County and the greater Detroit area.

In this article, Dr. Ali explains the “ins-and-outs” of breast implant exchange surgery.

The “10 Year Myth” About Breast Implant Exchange

There’s a commonly held misconception that breast implants must be replacement every ten years. But breast implants do not automatically wear out at ten years. In fact, some women still have breast implants that they received back in the late 1960s or early 70s – and implant materials were much less durable back in those days.

And while breast implants – like any piece of medical equipment – do occasionally but rarely “wear out” or rupture, there are many other reasons for breast exchange revision surgery that have nothing to do with the condition of the implants themselves.

Aesthetic Reasons for Breast Implant Exchange

In the majority of breast implant exchange cases, women undergo the procedure due to a desire for an aesthetic change. And only a small number of patients develop a complication with their implants and/or the surrounding “capsule” that requires breast implant exchange surgery.

Some patients who received implants in their 20s, may no longer desire the same look in their 30s, 40s, or 50s. While natural looking breasts are much more in fashion now, in the past many twenty- and thirty-year-old women went for the “bigger is better” look. So, downsizing is a common reason for breast implant exchange.

For other women, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, weight gain or aging may have changed the shape or size of their body. And while the implant itself does not change size, the skin and soft tissue around it the implant can thin and sag over time – leading to a desire for smaller implants.

Conversely, a small number of women do end up wishing that had “gone bigger” and decide to upsize their breasts implant.

Medical Reasons for Breast Implant Exchange

Rupture: Though rare with modern breast implants, both silicone and saline implants can rupture and leak out. A rupture in saline implants rapidly deflates but is less obvious in a silicone implant. This is why it is very important to see your plastic surgeon annually to check the health of your breast implants.

Capsular contracture can also warrant a breast implant exchange. This occurs is when the capsule of protective tissue that naturally develops around the breast implant hardens. This can be painful, as well as affect the shape of the breast.

Implant malposition occurs when the implant moves out of its original position – usually because the skin and tissue of the breasts have weakened – or because a women got implants that were too big for their anatomy to support. However, it can also be the result of improperly positioned implants by and inexperienced surgeon.

In malposition, the implant can drop below the “crease” under the breast (inframammary fold), or drift towards the armpit.

Breast Implant Exchange Consultation

If you want to change the look of your implants, or it is medically necessary to exchange them, it is critical to schedule an in-person consultation with a highly skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implant exchange.

Excess skin or insufficient skin, scar tissue, nipple repositioning, etc. are just some of the issues that may need to be addressed during breast exchange surgery. The extent of these concerns will depend upon how large the removed implants were, and what underlying medical issues may be found.

A specialized breast revision surgeon can address these issues – as well as perform a breast lift, and/or other reconstructive procedures to ensure a beautiful, natural look with no drooping or sagging skin or muscles.

Remember breast implant exchange is more complex than the initial breast augmentation surgery. So, choosing a surgeon who is highly experienced in breast implant revision surgery is critical to ensuring great results.

Top Breast Implant Exchange Surgeon | Birmingham, MI

Top plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has provided breast implant exchange surgery for hundreds of patients across Oakland County and the greater Detroit area, including Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, and more.

Because of his expertise, high standard of care, and exceptional results in even the most difficult cases, he is the surgeon that other physicians refer their patients to for breast revision surgery. With his years of expertise, caring demeanor and modern techniques, Dr. Ali can fix almost any breast implant problem, including implant rupture, asymmetry, capsular contracture, implant size change, and more.

No matter what problems or issues you are having with your breast implants, board certified breast exchange specialist Dr. Ali will listen to your concerns and help you find the solution.

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