Breast Lift Surgery Compared to Breast Implants

Breast Lift Surgery: With & Without Breast Implants

Many of our patients want to know if they should get a breast lift, or breast implants, or both. In this article we discuss how breast implants and breast lifts work separately and together.

A breast lift performed by itself can restore a perky appearance to drooping breasts – improving breast shape, projection, and symmetry. But a breast lift alone does not restore or increase breast fullness. And breast implants on their own can add fullness and size – but a breast implant does not lift sagging breasts.

Breast Lift without Breast Implants

Having children, breast feeding, losing large amounts of weight, getting older, or just plain genetics can cause a woman’s breasts to sag.  Many of these women are satisfied with the size of their breast – but simply wish to improve their “position”.

If you have sufficient breast tissue, but would like your breasts and nipples to “sit higher” on your chest, a breast lift can be performed without breast implants. During your breast lift, your surgeon removes excess skin and lifts the nipple and areola to a higher position on the breast.

Breast Implants without Breast Lift

Conversely, most women who simply wish to increase the size or shape of their breasts do not require a breast lift. Most younger women – and even many older women with firm breast tissue and elastic skin – do not require a breast lift.

If your breasts are not “drooping” (and/or if they are only mildly “deflated”) a breast implant alone is typically sufficient to give you the fullness, shape and size of breast you desire. Additionally, if you have naturally small breasts, or you have just experienced some mild hollowing after breastfeeding, you typically will not require a breast lift.

However, if your breasts are substantially sagging, and you want to increase their size, breast implants alone will typically not be enough. A breast implant does not correct droopiness. Think of it like putting a “rock in a sock”. A bigger rock will only make the lose sock sag more. In these cases, a breast implant and a breast lift should be performed together.

Breast Implants and Breast Lift Performed Together

Women with more extensive skin laxity who wish to improve breast size and shape may require both a breast lift and breast implants. These procedures can be performed at the same time – giving you beautiful results with two procedures performed during one surgery.

Since a breast lift alone cannot achieve an increase in cup size, and a breast implant alone cannot correct sagging, many women opt for both. Some women may also add implants even when they feel that their breasts are large enough – but they would like more upper fullness or “cleavage”.

Additionally, keep in mind that even with a breast lift, your body is still subject to the laws of gravity and aging. So after a breast lift alone, your breasts will eventually begin to drop somewhat over the years. However, implants are more likely to retain a high, round and perky shape.

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