Embarrassing Questions About Breast Enhancement Surgery

Top Surgeon Answers Your Questions About Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery is a very personal procedure. The results can be life changing, giving you the body and the self-confidence you’ve always wanted! But, because of the private nature of this procedure, some women may be uncomfortable asking questions.

Please know that Dr. Ali has performed hundreds of breast enhancement surgeries – and he wants you to know that there is no thing as a silly question. He will answer any questions his patients may have before, during or after breast enhancement surgery.

In this article we discuss some of the more “embarrassing” questions that you may have hesitated to ask. But you should always discuss any specific concerns with your cosmetic surgeon to get the answers that apply to your individual situation.


Why are my breasts “gurgling” after my breast enhancement surgery?

Do not be alarmed if you hear gurgling, squeaking or crackling noises coming from your breast enhancement area in the first few weeks after surgery.  These noises are perfectly normal. As your breast implants “settle in” fluid build-up or air bubbles within the implant pocket are released.

These sounds should completely subside after a few weeks. If you continue to hear noises after this time – ort are experiencing any unusual pain or sensations – it is a good idea to bring the matter to the attention of your surgeon.

Why do my breasts look like torpedoes after my breast enhancement?

Don’t be worried if your breasts are “cone shaped,” or “sharper” in appearance than you expected, after my breast enhancement surgery. This is very normal – and typically only temporary.

Your breasts may be a bit odd shaped after your enhancement surgery because your skin has been stretched over the implants- and your implants haven’t “dropped” yet. This causes the lower half of each breast to be tight, forcing the breasts into a high, hard-cone shape.

As the swelling subsides, and your skin adjusts and your chest muscles relax, your breasts will drop into place and you will have the beautiful shape and appearance you were expecting.

Why are my breasts “uneven” after breast enhancement surgery?

Again, the swelling must subside and your implants must “drop” before you see their true appearance. In some situations, one breast may swell less, or drop sooner – making the breasts temporarily look “uneven.”

Sleeping on one side or driving with one arm can even cause one side to heal or drop faster than the other. And if you are right-handed, your right breast may not drop as fast as your left one, because you have more muscle on your right side.

Rest assured that as all swelling diminishes and both breasts fully drop you should see the perfect symmetry you were expecting.

Why are my nipples erect after my breast enhancement surgery?

It is not at all uncommon for your nipples to be sensitive and cause erection after breast enhancement surgery. This will also subside in time.

In the meantime, covering your nipples with round Band-Aids, or nursing pads can protect your nipples from abrasive clothing, and conceal your erect nipples under your clothes.

Top Birmingham & Troy, Michigan Breast Enhancement Surgeon

Remember there should be no question that you are too embarrassed to ask your surgeon.

Dr. Ali will answer any questions his patients may have before, during or after breast enhancement surgery – to ensure you are well-informed and comfortable. He has helped hundreds of women in Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield – and across Michigan get the body they’ve always wanted. If you are considering breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Ali will be happy to offer you a consultation to answer all of your questions.

Feel beautiful inside and out, with breast enhancement surgery. And remember, financing options are also available.