Breast Implants – Why Some Women Go Smaller

Breast Implants: Why Some Women Go Smaller – 

Like many other cosmetic surgeries, breast implants are the subject of countless unfair and inaccurate stereotypes. In the media the phrase “breast implants” is often associated with oversized breasts that are as obviously fake as they are disproportionate. And while the trends of decades prior may have cemented this image in the cultural consciousness, too-large breasts now represent very small percentage of actual breast implant patients.

In fact, in the modern era, women tend to prefer a much more subtle end-result than what is commonly associated with breast implants. Smaller, natural-looking breast implants are an excellent way for a woman to feel more satisfied with her physique without looking like out of proportion or exaggerated. In fact, a number of women have visited our Detroit area practice to “trade in” their older, larger-than-life breast implants for something smaller and subtler.

Breast implants weren’t just invented to provide the largest breasts possible; they were invented to provide women of all sizes and body types with a sense of confidence and comfort in their own skin. And today, for more women than ever, all that takes are breast implants in the B or C cup range.

In this article, we’ll explain why many contemporary women tend to opt for smaller breast implants, and how the team at AMAE Plastic Surgery can provide women from all over the greater Detroit area with precisely the cosmetic results they’re looking for.

Many Reasons for Getting Breast Implants

Breast implants can serve a great many more purposes than most people ever stop to consider. In addition to simply increasing one’s cup size, breast implants can be used to correct breasts that are asymmetrical or deflated in appearance. Breast implants are also a great way to return one’s chest to its pre-pregnancy shape and size, which for many women means something subtle.

At AMAE Plastic Surgery, we proudly serve the Detroit area as the preeminent provider of medical aesthetics. We value our patients’ health and safety above all else, and understand that breast implants – along with every service we offer – means much more to a person than just a cosmetic procedure.

Benefits of Smaller Breast Implants

We aim to perfectly facilitate the exact results our patients hope for, and for many women, that means smaller breast implants. Smaller breast implants come along with a litany of benefits, not just for women with smaller or thinner frames. Smaller breast implants tend to look more natural, and result in a much less substantial change to the patient’s appearance.

Smaller breast implants also subject the tissue of the breast and the surrounding area to less trauma than occurs in larger breast implants. Smaller breast implants also face a much lower risk of nerve damage than their larger counterparts. Furthermore, smaller breast implants mean a shorter, more comfortable recovery period!

Other Advantages of Smaller Breast Implants

Today’s breast implants and breast augmentation surgeries – whether you go big or small – are very safe when performed by an experienced board certified Detroit area plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali. But patients may enjoy some added benefits of choosing smaller breast implants – making a “mini boob job” the more “comfortable” choice.

Unlike larger, heavier breast implants, smaller breast implants face much less potential for sagging over time. With smaller breast implants, gravity is on your side for years to come!

Breast implants that are too large can also sometimes result in diminished sensitivity, including the nipple being prone to loss of sensation. Smaller breast implants, on the other hand, face much less risk. And since smaller breast implants place far less strain on the skin, there is less chance of the implant becoming visible beneath the skin, after years of wear.

Larger breast implants can also interfere with athletics and physical activity such as exercise – and can sometimes be a source of unwanted, disrespectful attention. So some women choose smaller breast implants, to continue enjoying their regular athletic routine without additional physical or emotional stress.

Breast Implants – Detroit Area

At AMAE Plastic Surgery in the Detroit area, we are acutely aware that everyone’s bodies have their own unique needs – and everyone’s aesthetic preferences are different. This means that when it comes to breast implants, bigger is not always better for many women.

If you’re interested in accentuating your frame with breast implants that look as natural as they do flattering – whether you want to go big or go small – call us today for a consultation.

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