Tips for Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

Tips for Recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is very routine – and extremely safe when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ali. However, it goes without saying that one of the key components of a successful surgical procedure is a successful healing process. Before you elect to undergo surgery, it’s important to understand all the necessary steps toward a swift and speedy recovery. In this article we’ll discuss some of the basics you need to know about recovering from your breast augmentation procedure to have you feeling your best after your surgery.

The Day of Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

The day of your surgery, when you awaken from your anesthesia, you will most likely experience some fatigue. Be sure to arrange for someone to pick you up following the procedure, as it is unsafe to drive after having received anesthetic.

Once you arrive home, you’ll want to get some rest. Be sure to sleep in an inclined position (at about a 30 degree angle) to help reduce swelling.

During your recovery period, you’ll wear a special medical compression bra that fits over your bandages. This not only helps to keep from putting stress on your stitches, but also aids in reducing swelling. You may experience tightness in your chest during the first few days, but this will diminish as you continue to heal.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery

After about two to three weeks, your stitches will be removed during a follow-up visi. By this time the discomfort should have subsided and you should start to feel almost “as good as new”.

At this time, you can typically resume physical activities such as light exercise, but it is important to avoid any kind of strenuous exercise for the first six weeks following your procedure. Your doctor will advise you what activities you can resume.

Breast augmentation has one of the speediest recovery periods of any serious cosmetic procedure, but it is still crucial to take the necessary precautions for a safe and comfortable recovery. For the fastest, safest experience, be sure that your incisions don’t undergo too much stress with slow, careful movement. Refrain from oopening heavy doors or lifting even moderately heavy objects – such as milk gallons or laundry baskets.

Too much heat can also aggravate swelling, so for the first few weeks, stay out of the sun, and avoid taking showers that are too hot.

As with any medical procedure, a healthy diet and lifestyle will add significantly to your recovery. Keep your daily salt consumption to a minimum, and to reduce swelling, eat foods with high vitamin K content, such as yogurt and eggs. And, of course, it is imperative to avoid smoking or alcohol consumption for at least the first several weeks following your procedure.

The rapid recovery period of breast augmentation helps assure spectacular results while minimizing downtime, so there is no reason to hesitate to get the body you’ve always dreamed of having.

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