Celebrities Who Have Had Breast Augmentation Surgery

Famous Women Who Have Had Breast Augmentation

If you’re thinking about having breast augmentation surgery, you’re in good company. Plenty of Hollywood’s most famous faces have done so themselves. Today we’ll take a look at some of the entertainment industry’s most outspoken advocates of breast implant surgery. Some of them may surprise you!

Miley Cyrus has had Breast Augmentation

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus has been upfront about her decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The former Disney star has been candid about the increased confidence and femininity brought about by her newly-acquired curves, stating that she no longer feels “like a boy.”

Kaley Cuoco has had Breast Augmentation

Best known as Penny on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco made the choice to get breast implants as soon as she turned 18. The actress stated that the procedure was “the best decision she ever made,” and has gone on to become one of television’s most sought-after leading ladies.

Carmen Electra has had Breast Augmentation

The actress and model has also famously undergone breast implants, and has even jokingly stated that the decision to do so is at least partially responsible for her success. If that’s the case, she made the right decision, as Electra’s career was jumpstarted after catching the attention of legendary musician Prince when she was just 18!

Angelina Jolie has had Breast Augmentation

Not all celebrities opt for breast implants strictly for cosmetic reasons. The Academy Award-winning actress underwent breast augmentation following a double mastectomy in 2013. While the actress herself did not suffer from the disease itself, a family history of breast cancer led her to opt for the procedure, which was subsequently offset by very natural breast augmentation.

Wendy Williams has had Breast Augmentation

The talk show host underwent breast augmentation over 20 years ago, and has never kept it a secret – except from her son! Williams’ 9 year old son first heard his mother discussing the surgery on her show. When he inquired about it, she explained it to him as having been a “frog” when she met her husband, and turned herself into a “swan” afterwards.

Jenny McCarthy has had Breast Augmentation

The model and actress has never kept any of her various cosmetic procedures a secret. She chose to get breast implants following childbirth, making the claim that after having a baby, “your breasts turn into pancakes.” If you’ve experienced an unwanted loss of firmness following childbirth, you may want to follow in Ms. McCarthy’s footsteps!

Kourtney Kardashian has had Breast Augmentation

While there has been much speculation about the various cosmetic procedures undergone by every member of Hollywood’s most famous family, Kourtney Kardashian has been open about the fact that she has breast implants. When questioned about it, the reality television star has been blasé about her procedure, and couldn’t seem happier with the outcome.

Pamela Anderson has had Breast Augmentation

Few celebrities’ names are as synonymous with breast augmentation than Miss Anderson. The Baywatch  star underwent breast augmentation in 1990, and quickly became one of the world’s leading beauty symbols for the ensuing decade.

Dolly Parton has had Breast Augmentation

If anyone could give Pamela Anderson a run for their money as the celebrity with the most famously augmented breasts, it would be Dolly Parton. The country music icon has never been shy about her various surgeries, and has been quoted saying that, “if you’ve got the nerve, the money and the desire to have surgery, then you should find a doctor and do it.” While we don’t typically recomend the exagerated proportions that Ms. Parton acheived – it certainly did help her career.

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