Why Today’s Breast Augmentation Surgery is Better

Why Today’s Breast Augmentation Surgery is Better

It has been more than fifty years since the first breast augmentation surgery was performed, using silicone implants. Today, breast augmentation surgery is the number one most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States – with 300,000 breast augmentations performed in 2017 alone. This represents a 3% increase over 2016.

One of the reasons breast implant surgery continues to grow in popularity is the improvements made in both the implant materials and the surgical procedures over the last several years.

In this article we share 3 reasons why today’s breast augmentation surgery is better, making it easier than ever before to get the breasts you have always wanted.

While there are lots of different factors that go into getting the beautiful results you want, these three benefits of modern breast augmentation surgery make it

New Breast Augmentation Materials are More Natural

Substantial improvements have been made recently in breast implant technologies – making them both more natural and more durable than ever before.

In 2017, silicone breast implants were used in 87% of all breast augmentation surgeries. While saline implants accounted for 13% of all breast augmentations

The new generation of so-called “gummy bear” breast implants are shaped like a teardrop. The sloped shape – with more fullness at the bottom – is virtually indistinguishable from the contours of a natural breasts.

Made from High-strength cohesive (HSC) silicone gel, these newer implants remain soft and natural-feeling to the touch – just like real breasts.

They even “squish” when pressed against another person – when hugging or being intimate rather than feeling hard like previous breast implants.

New Breast Implant Materials are Sturdier & More Stable

High-strength cohesive (HSC) silicone gel is also breakthrough technology in breast implants because it is the strongest type of silicone on the market. This means that the breast implants far sturdier than they were before, and less prone to breakage or leakage.

When earlier versions of silicone breast implants were damaged the clear gel inside would slowly create leak into the body. Newer silicone implants holds their shape and do not leak if ruptured.

New Breast Augmentation Surgical Techniques are Better

Breast surgeons now have a much better and  more advanced understanding of how to minimize complications from breast augmentation surgery.

With new advances in surgical techniques there is lower risk of infection, capsule contracture, rippling and other complications.

For example, the Keller funnel now allows the surgeon to “fold and slip” the silicone implant into place (kind of like a pastry bag) through a smaller incision. Not only does this procedure minimize scarring, but it also reduces the risk of infection.

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