Adult Otoplasty Ear Pinning Surgery Is On the Rise

Love Your Ears with Otoplasty Ear Pinning Surgery

Otoplasty surgery is performed to change the shape, position, protrusion or size of the ears. The most common type of otoplasty surgery is “ear pinning surgery” to correct ears that protrude excessively.

Many famous and attractive people have protruding ears and choose to do nothing about it. President Barack Obama comes to mind as an example of a handsome, confident, and obviously successful man with ears that protrude “more than normal.” Actors Will Smith and Kristen Steward also have protruding ears, as do athletes Michael Phelps and Deion Sanders.

However, if you are dissatisfied with the size, shape, or protrusion of your ears otoplasty can help you become more comfortable with your appearance. Birmingham, MI board-certified plastic surgeon has performed hundreds of otoplasty surgeries. In this article, we discuss what you need to know when considering ear plastic surgery.

Who Gets Otoplasty Surgery?

Ear pinning plastic surgery is the most common type of otoplasty surgery. However, individuals with deformities of the ear due to a birth defect or an accident or injury also may undergo otoplasty to repair the exterior of the ear.

Traditionally otoplasty has been most often performed on children – from age 6 to middle school age – once their ears become fully formed. Otoplasty for ear pinning and other ear defects can help children avoid bullying and feel more self-confident.

However, adults can also choose to have otoplasty surgery if they are bothered by how far their ears stick out from their head – or if their ear or ears are misshapen due to an injury or congenital defect.

Adult Otoplasty Ear Pinning Surgery on the Rise

In the past few years, adult otoplasty ear pinning surgery has grown in popularity. While one would expect plastic surgery procedures to decline during the pandemic, the opposite is true.

Covid-19 face masks may be one reason that there has been a sharp increase in adult otoplasty surgery since the pandemic. Face masks awkwardly tug and pull on even the smallest of ears. So, people with distended ears may be even more aware and bothered by how much their ears protrude when constantly looping masks around them.

Additionally, the up-close-and-personal focus on one’s face during Zoom calls, virtual meetings, and FaceTime because of social distancing may also contribute to the rise in adult otoplasty patients in 2021 and 2022.

What To Expect During Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty is a fairly routine surgical procedure. Typically, otoplasty can be done with local anesthesia and “twilight” sedation that puts the patient in a light sleep without knocking them out. In cases requiring more extensive reconstruction of the ear, otoplasty may be performed under general anesthesia.

The otoplasty surgical technique that is used will depend upon what kind of correction is needed. Birmingham, MI board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has performed hundreds of otoplasty surgeries on children and adults. He will explain the procedure that is best for you, including the location of the incisions, etc.

After making the necessary incisions, excess cartilage or skin may be removed. The cartilage is then repositioned into the proper place and secured with internal stitches. Additional external stitches will then be used to close the incisions.

Otoplasty surgery typically only takes about two hours and patients go home the same day. They will need someone to drive them home as they will be groggy from the anesthetic.

Recovery After Otoplasty Surgery

After otoplasty surgery the ears will be covered in bandages to provide both protection and support for the new positioning. Patients will typically feel some discomfort and itching for a few days, but pain medication will be prescribed to ensure patient comfort.

Otoplasty patients need to keep pressure off of the ears, including avoiding sleeping on one’s side. Do not to rub the incision – and wear button-down shirts or pajamas to avoid tugging on the ears with the collar of a pullover shirt.

At a follow up appointment a few days after otoplasty surgery, the bandages will be removed. The ears may still be swollen and red, which is perfectly normal. Patients may be given a loose headband that covers the ears to wear at night for a few weeks, to help prevent pulling the ears forward when rolling over in bed.

Some stitches will dissolve on their own, while others may need to be removed in the doctor’s office. Our Birmingham, MI plastic surgery staff will provide you with instructions on when you may resume regular daily activities, such as bathing and physical activity.

Otoplasty “Ear Pinning” Surgery | Birmingham, MI

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your ears – or you are the parent of child with protruding or misshapen ears – schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali at AMAE Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI today.

Whether you are six or sixty, otoplasty surgery can “pin” your ears more closely to your head and/or repair other cosmetic issues, so you love the way look!

Otoplasty “Ear Pinning” Surgery | Birmingham, MI: 248-335-7200

Six Surprising Plastic Surgery Trends in 2022

The Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2022

It’s hard to believe June is already here and 2022 is almost half over. And as we adjust to the “new normal” – with COVID stubbornly refusing to go away – everyday life has changed in many ways. And one of the many areas where things have changed is the field of plastic surgery.

COVID changed everything and plastic surgery is no exception. In this article the plastic surgery experts at AMAE in Birmingham, MI review the six surprising plastic surgery trends taking shape in 2022.

#1. Plastic Surgery Procedures are on the Rise

You might guess that the number of plastic surgery procedures being performed declined due to the pandemic. But you would be incorrect!

Many patients who had been considering plastic surgery for a while actually used lockdown as an opportunity to undergo cosmetic procedures. Working remotely from home made it easier for patients to recover from plastic surgery – without having to worry about returning to the office with bruising or incisions.

In our previous article we discussed how many celebrities used their time out of the spotlight during production shutdowns to undergo face lifts and other cosmetic surgeries without anyone knowing they had had work done.

#2. Facial Plastic Surgery is Taking the Top Spot

For many years breast augmentation was the most performed plastic surgery. According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, during the pandemic in both 2020 and 2021 three of the top five most performed plastic surgery procedures were on the face: rhinoplasty, eyelid surgeries, and face-lifts.

Plastic surgeons suspect that the increase in Zoom meetings and Face Time while social distancing has made people much more conscious of the appearance of their face.

 #3. Body-Contouring Plastic Surgery Is Also Surging

Most people have found themselves more than a few pounds heavier during the past two years. So, it’s no surprise that liposuction surgery and other body-contouring procedures like CoolSculpting are also on the rise.

According to a clinical research study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association and the University of California San Francisco, Americans gained on average two pounds per week during the most intense four-month period of lockdown (April 1, 2020 through June 1, 2020). That adds up to 24 pounds per person!

But as people have now started to transition from forgiving sweat pants to so-called “hard pants” people are realizing that it’s time to do something about those extra inches.

#4. Adult Ear Pinning Surgery Is on the Rise

Otoplasty – also called ear pinning surgery – has also increased. Ear pinning plastic surgery has traditionally been performed on middle school-aged children, once their ears become fully formed.

But post-pandemic there has been a sharp increase in otoplasty surgery in adults. It is suspected that awkward masks pulling on the ears may have made people with distended ears even more aware of how much their ears protrude.

And the focus on one’s appearance during Zoom calls and virtual meetings may also contribute to the rise in adult otoplasty patients in 2021 and 2022.

#5. More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery

As plastic surgery continues to become less stigmatized and more publicly discussed – thanks in part to social media – more men are having cometic work done.

While women continue to comprise the majority of plastic surgery patients, cosmetic surgery is slowly but steadily becoming more balanced between the genders.

The top cosmetic procedures for male patients are rhinoplasty or “nose job” surgery, neurotoxins including Botox, and blepharoplasty eyelid surgery. Surgical gynecomastia correction, the reduction of breast tissue in males, has also grown in popularity in recent years.

#6. Plastic Surgery “Bundling” is On Trend in 2022

Traditionally, most plastic surgery patients came in for a single surgical procedure. But a standout trend in 2022 is customized “bundling” of multiple plastic surgery procedures to accomplish a total rejuvenation all at one time.

Bundling plastic surgery procedures offers the advantage of patients only having to go under anesthesia once rather than multiple times. And surgery costs can be lower when procedures are combined – since the surgical center/ operating room and the anesthesiologist only have to be scheduled for a single session.

Plastic Surgery | Birmingham, MI

Plastic surgery is a very personal lifestyle choice. And, like everything else, the cosmetic surgery landscape has changed in many ways during the time of COVID.

If you are considering improving your appearance or fighting the signs of aging with plastic surgery, now is an excellent time to discuss your goals with Birmingham, MI board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali.

AMAE Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI also offers state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging so you can see a 3D computerized image of your expected plastic surgery outcomes before your cosmetic surgery or aesthetic procedure!

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RHOBH’s Teddi Mellencamp Shows Off Neck Lift Surgery

Real Housewife Neck Lift Surgery News: Teddi Mellencamp Goes Public

Most of us can’t get enough of reality TV – although how much of it is actually “reality” is up for debate. Americans love to see how the “other half” lives, including their triumphs and (especially) their failures. And the Queen of all reality TV shows is no doubt The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

On May 2017, popular Beverly Hills Housewife Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave (daughter of rocker John Cougar Mellecamp) announced that she had gotten neck lift surgery. And she even posted Before & After plastic surgery pics on her Instagram Story this month!

Who is Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave?

Teddi Jo Mellencamp Arroyave is an American television personality, actress, and self-titled “accountability coach” (whatever that is). She is probably best known for being the absolutely stunning daughter of heartland rocker John Cougar Mellencamp and his ex-wife the beautiful 80s music-video star Vicky Granucci.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave gained fame after appearing in seasons eight, nine, and ten of popular reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – affectionately abbreviated RHOBH. It was here that the public became acquainted with literally every aspect of the beauty’s high-end lifestyle.

Why Did Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Get Neck Lift Surgery?

This month The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum surprised everyone by revealing she had recently had neck lift surgery. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s neck lift came as a surprise to many because she was already absolutely beautiful – and only 41 years old.

In her Instagram Story she opened up about why she underwent her latest cosmetic plastic surgery procedure:

“There’s been one thing that’s consistently bothered me and it’s going to seem like nothing to you guys, but it’s the loose skin on my neck,” she said. “I’ve gone to multiple doctors to see if there are lasers or things like that to help me, and pretty much, there really isn’t anything.”

Teddi went on to explain that she had “tried the strings” (presumably meaning a ‘thread lift’) without any luck. She also stated that she had tried Botox and filler on her jaw, but that injections didn’t deliver the dramatic results she wanted. She felt that “the way that [my] neck is… the only way to do it is just to kind of pull it up.”

Is 41 Too Young for Neck Lift Surgery?

The simple answer is No! Everybody ages at a different rate – so there is no single fixed age that is ideal for plastic surgery. Genetics, gravity, weight gain & loss, and lifestyle all effect the unique way that an individual’s skin, face, and neck ages.

As long as a patient who is undergoing plastic surgery has realistic expectations, good health and is doing this for themselves there’s no “right or wrong” age for a neck lift or other cosmetic surgery procedure.

In Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s case, she stated that her neck was “something that has bothered me since I was a young girl,” noting that it has always been a “deep, dark insecurity.” She went on “I have always been comfortable with my neck in the front. It’s the side profile that has always made me feel insecure.”

Neck Lift Surgery Before & After

Following the surgery, Teddi posted pictures of her side profile. “I am still swollen and healing,” she wrote posting her first set of neck lift before and after pictures. And frankly, we are impressed!

While a “double chin” or “sagging neck” may or may not bother each individual person – there is no denying that Teddi’s neck lift surgery gave her a more “classically beautiful” profile!

Ms. Mellencamp Arroyave also indicated that she planned to undergo Morpheu8 radiofrequency microneedling after her surgery to improve and maintain her skin tightening results.

neck lift surgery birmingham, mi
Neck Lift Surgery Before & After – Photos: Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram

To see before and after photos of Dr. Ali’s Neck Lift patients CLICK HERE.


Top Neck Lift Surgery | Birmingham, MI

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali is one of the only “Beverly Hills Caliber” plastic surgeons in the Birmingham, MI area who offers both neck lift surgery and Morpheus8 RF skin tightening.

If you are dissatisfied with a double, sagging, or drooping neck or chin – at any age – Dr. Ali can help you get RHOB results. He has helped hundreds of women and men get a tight, defined jawline and lifted neck with neck lift surgery, Morpheus8 RF skin tightening, and a wide array of other face, chin, jaw and neck procedures.

And our advanced Vectra 3D imaging system will provide you with a three-dimensional computerized image of your face and neck with expected outcomes before your plastic surgery or aesthetic procedure. So you can decide with treatment is best for you!

Neck Lift Surgery Consultation| Birmingham, MI: 248-335-7200

Canthoplasty Surgery – The Celebrity “Fox Eye Lift”

Trending: “Fox Eye Lift” Surgery (Canthoplasty)

The fox eye is currently trending, with young female celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid, and Megan Fox hitting the red carpet with stunning almond-shaped eyes. And while “foxy eye” make-up tutorials abound on TikTok and other social media outlets, the truth is that winged cat-eye eyeliner can’t actually “lift” your eyes.

The big celebrity secret is that many A-List and influencer young women have actually undergone a minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedure called a “canthoplasty” to get that coveted upward slant at the corner of their eyes.

In this article renowned Birmingham, MI plastic surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali discusses canthoplasty (“fox eye lift”) surgery, so you can decide if it’s right for you!

What is fox eye lift surgery?

Fox eye surgery – medically called canthoplasty – is also known as cat-eye or almond-eye surgery. It is a precise but minimally invasive plastic surgery that lifts and repositions the corner of the eye (lateral canthus).

Fox eye surgery (canthoplasty) can correct drooping lower eyelids or reshape eyes that are more round into an uplifted, highly desirable almond shape.

Canthoplasty is a specific type of blepharoplasty – also known as an eyelid lift – that should only be performed by a skilled, experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

Why do women get fox eye lift surgery?

While beauty ideals vary from culture to culture and decade to decade, “cat eyes” are one of those facial features that are universally considered beautiful. From the days of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, to beautiful Josephine Baker in 1920s France, timeless 1950s beauty icon Marilyn Monroe, and today’s international runway models, women with almond shaped eyes have always been considered stunning.

Additionally, drooping eye corners can make a woman look older, tired, sad, or even angry or unpleasant. While uplifted eye corners impart youthfulness and glamour.

Cat eye eyeliner can help “fake” the general look of almond eyes – but obviously makeup can’t actually uplift the eyes. And as a woman get older, pulling off cat-eye make up becomes harder and harder, if not impossible.

But fox eye surgery (canthoplasty) permanently uplifts the corners of the eyes for a lovely, youthful almond shape.

fox eye lift surgery birmingham, mi
Do You think these celebrities have had fox eye lift surgery?

How is fox eye lift surgery (canthoplasty) performed?

A traditional upper eyelift surgery (blepharoplasty) removes excess skin and fat from the top eyelid. A blepharoplasty is helpful for mature eyelids that have started to droop or become hooded.

Canthoplasty is a technique similar to blepharoplasty (and is often done at the same time as blepharoplasty). During the fox eye lift, the plastic surgeon lifts the outer corners of the eye and makes a very small incisions on the outside corners to stretch them slightly and give them an almond shape. The skin is then sutured into place.

Fox eye lift canthoplasty surgery usually takes under two hours, and in some cases may be performed in-office under local anesthesia with twilight sedation. Patients feels zero pain and the twilight sedation puts them into a light sleep to help reduce their anxiety.

Recovery after fox eye lift surgery (canthoplasty)

Patients wake up quickly after twilight sedation but will need someone to drive them home as they may still be groggy, and their eyelids will be bandaged.  However, fox eye lift surgery offers a relatively fast and easy recovery, because the incisions are very small.

Mild pain typically only lasts about one day after canthoplasty surgery. But because the eye area is bandaged, vision will be somewhat limited for about a week after surgery. Patients should keep their heads elevated during the first week of recovery, as well as avoid exercise, strenuous activity and wearing makeup.

Minor tenderness, as well as some bruising and swelling, can take a week or two to subside. But patients generally resume normal activities after the bandages are removed at their follow up appointment in about a week.

How long does fox eye lift surgery last?

Unlike PDO thread lifts that typically only last for around three months, canthoplasty surgery is permanent.

This is a plastic surgery procedure that actually alters the shape of the eyes, so it is very important to choose a skilled and experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon for your fox eye lift!

Fox Eye Lift Surgery (Canthoplasty) | Birmingham, MI

Dr. Ali is a renowned Birmingham, MI board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of eye surgeries. While traditional blepharoplasty (eye lid lift) is more common among older patients, more and more younger women in the Birmingham, MI area are turning to fox eye lift surgery (canthoplasty) to get stunning almond eyes.

Birmingham, MI board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali combines his artistic eye with the latest surgical techniques and years of experience for truly spectacular results. If you are considering an eye lift procedure, call and schedule a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Ali today.

Fox Eye Lift Surgery | Birmingham, MI: 248-335-7200

Why Celebrity Plastic Surgery Increased During Lockdown

Pandemic Plastic Surgery – Celebs Quarantine Cosmetic Touch Ups

Stars and celebrities like to pretend that they were “born that way” – with perfect features that seem to age backwards! But we all know that that simply isn’t true. And if you’ve noticed that many of your favorite A-listers have emerged from the pandemic looking better than before the lockdown, you are not wrong.

Beverly Hills and Hollywood plastic surgeons have candidly revealed that many actors used their time out of the lime light in 2020 and 2021 to undergo ‘secret’ plastic surgery procedures. Stories in Insider and other publications have interviewed prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeons who admitted that the privacy afforded by the quarantine (coupled with the anonymity of face masks) provided the perfect opportunity for celebs to have cosmetic surgeries with no one knowing.

Plastic Surgeons to the Stars Speak Out

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Calvert’s was quoted as saying that his celebrity clients used to be “reticent and scared” when he suggested a major face-lift. But that during COVID-19 shutdowns “they have been all-in.”

In the Insider interview, Dr. Calvert said that previously stars would wait until they reached their 50s to undergo facelift surgery. But, he said, since the Covid-19 pandemic, he has performed face lifts on celebs in their 40s and even late 30s. “Definitely before 50,” he added.

Dr. Michael Newman, another prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, also said he saw a big increase in demand for face lifts when filming and public appearances ground to a halt. He explained that he “had several 50-something celebrities rush in [for facelifts] as soon as filming for their shows was put on hold.”

Of course, like all doctors, these plastic surgeons did not discuss their clients by name, due to doctor- patient confidentiality.

Plastic Surgery More Popular During the Pandemic

In addition to the face lift surgeries discussed above, many high-net-worth patients  also underwent body modifying plastic surgery during lock-down – including breast enhancement and liposuction.

In that article Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour admitted to seeing a big rise in breast augmentation by pop stars, especially those in their 20s and 30s.

And Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ariel Ourian reported that many millennial-age male celebs were seeking “high-definition” liposuction of the abdomen during the pandemic.

Celebrities Who (Allegedly) Had Plastic Surgery During the Pandemic

TV “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller openly discussed having liposuction on her arms during quarantine after a 100-pound weight loss. And Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave posted just this month on Instagram about her recent, transformative neck lift plastic surgery.

Other A-listers aren’t as open about their plastic surgeries – but rumors abound. Experts speculate that while Johnny Depp appears to be 100% “natural” his ex-wife Amber Hurd appears to have undergone subtle rhinoplasty plastic surgery to refine her nose sometime within the last few years.

Plastic surgeons also speculate that influencers in their twenties – such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid – may have undergone “fox eye lift” plastic surgery in recent years. This on-trend eyelift surgery method (medically called “canthoplasty”) creates an upswept look around their eyes. The outer corners of the eyes are subtly surgically reshaped to make the eyes appear little bit bigger and give them a bit more slanted or upward tilted (“almond”) look.

When we compare pre-pandemic and after-quarantine Instagram posts of these young, female influencers, it’s easy to see that they have had something more than skillful makeup done!

No Shame in Plastic Surgery

While the stigma surrounding plastic surgery is gradually falling away, it really is no body’s business but the patient’s if they have or have not had any cosmetic work done!

As long as your plastic surgery is performed by a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon – and it makes you feel more confident and happier – that is all that really matters.

This makes the ongoing climate of social distancing and mask wearing the ideal time to consider plastic surgery that you have been thinking about for a while. With the perfect excuse to avoid public appearances – and a mask to hide the effects of surgery while you heal – why wait?

Renowned Birmingham, MI plastic surgeon dr. M. Azar Ali performs the very same “Beverly Hills” plastic surgeries relied on by actors and A-listers to always look ageless and attractive.

Discreet Plastic Surgery | Birmingham, MI

Whether you’re considering a top-secret plastic surgery – or you want the world to know – renowned Birmingham, MI board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali can help you.

Dr. Ali has helped thousands of women and men look like better versions of themselves with plastic surgery. And cost does not have to hold you back, because we have multiple financing options available!

Call AMAE Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI today and schedule a consultation to see how plastic surgery can give you the face or body you have always wanted.

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Fat Transfer for Natural Butt Lift & Breast Enhancement

Liposuction with Fat Transfer for Butt Lift & Breast Enhancement

When liposuction is combined with fat transfer, patients can lose fat where they don’t want it – and add volume where they need it. Called “autologous fat transfer” Dr. Ali can slim the waist, hips, back, and thighs, while adding shape, lift and volume to other areas of the body – such as the breasts and buttocks.

By removing fat from one area of the body and transferring it to another, autologous fat transfer combines traditional liposuction with breast augmentation and buttocks lift using natural, minimally-invasive means.

In this article, renowned Troy, Mi area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali will discuss how Liposuction with Fat Transfer has revolutionized the way Butt Lifts and Breast Augmentation are naturally performed.

How Liposuction with Autologous Fat Transfer Works

The liposuction procedure removes the fat from the treatment area via gentle suction through small incisions, under local anesthetic. The removed, “living” fat cells are then purified and strategically injected into the breast, buttocks, or face to add volume to other areas of the body.

Once the fat has been carefully transplanted, it will remain in the treated area. When added to the breast or buttocks, the transferred fat cells provide the area with permanent volume, that is 100% natural.

Liposuction with autologous fat transfer can remove fat from virtually any part of the body. Areas commonly treated with the liposuction include the waist, flanks (love handles) and back. Liposuction can also be performed to treat ‘gynecomastia’ (fat deposits in the male breast area). Following their removal, the fat cells are then purified and injected into areas such as the breast augmentation or buttocks.

Autologous fat transfer is a fast, convenient way for patients to lose volume from one area of the body while increasing it in another. Since the procedure does not require general anesthesia or large incisions, patients are able to return to their daily routine within a few days – which is much faster than the recovery time for a surgical butt lift or breast enhancement.

Autologous Fat Transfer for Natural Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation

Board certified Troy, MI area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali uses liposuction with autologous fat transfer to provide patients with a minimally-invasive, non-surgical alternative to traditional breast implant surgery. By carefully transferring “living” fat cells from one area of the body into the breasts, Dr. Ali can increase breast volume without inserting a synthetic object into the body.

And, as an added bonus, Liposuction with Fat Transfer does not leave women with scars from their procedure, unlike breast implant surgery patients.

Autologous Fat Transfer for Natural-Non Surgical Butt Lift

Some women are born with a “flat butt”. For other women, age, gravity, and weight loss, can contribute to loss of volume experienced in the buttocks over time. Liposuction with autologous fat transfer is a 100% method of adding shape, lift and volume to the buttocks without surgery.  By transferring unwanted belly or back fat from another area of the body into the buttocks, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali provides patients with beautiful results that are 100% natural.

Liposuction with Fat Transfer | Troy, MI Area

People often wish that they could wave a magic wand and move unwanted fat from one part of their body to another. Now, thanks to liposuction with autologous fat transfer, that dream can come true. Board certified Troy, MI area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali is one of only a few skilled plastic surgeons in the Detroit area to offer this amazing procedure.

For more information about how liposuction with autologous fat transfer can give you the body you’ve always wanted, , schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali today.

Fat Transfer for Butt Lift & Breast Enhancement | Troy, MI Area:  248-335-7200

3 Ways to Get Flat Abs (Without Working Out)

Lipo, CoolSculpting & Tummy Tucks for Firm, Flat Abs (Without Working Out)!

Always wanted flat abs – but tired of endless dieting and exercise without results? Oakland County plastic surgeon Dr. Ali offers three different ways to lose the fat, and get tight trim abs. And with easy financing options, you can get started right away with no money down.

Are you frustrated with putting in the work and not seeing results?  You’re not alone. Every year the number one resolution in America is to diet and exercise. Yet every year the vast majority of people give up their plans to improve their bodies, because it’s just too hard to get results.

But in most cases the lack of progress you are seeing is not your fault! How and where your body deposits fat is largely hereditary. And once your body has developed fat cells they will never completely go away. Weight loss can cause the fat cells to get smaller. However, all the exercise and diet in the world cannot remove them.

That is why many people experience stubborn fat that they can’t get rid of no matter what they eat (or don’t eat!) and how much they work out. The good news is that Dr. Ali offers three techniques that can get rid of the persistent fat: CoolSculpting, Liposuction & Tummy Tucks.

#1. CoolSculpting for Flat Abs

CoolSculpting uses a handheld applicator to apply cold temperatures to unwanted fat. Mild suction pulls the fat bulges into the applicator, where the fat cells are “frozen” or “crystalized”. This literally “kills” the fat cells. Then your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells over time.

Once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good! They never come back. And this is something that all of the diet and exercise in the world cannot accomplish. And because CoolSculpting is non-invasive and non-surgical there is absolutely no downtime!

Spring is the perfect time to consider CoolSculpting – because your results will begin to be visible by the time swimsuit season starts to roll around. It takes a little time for the body to eliminate the dead fat cells, so CoolSculpting results start to be visible after 2 to 4 weeks. It takes about 2 months for dramatic results and about 3 months to deliver more complete results . . . just in time to be bathing-suit ready by June!

#2. Liposuction for Flat Abs

Dr. Ali is also one of the most talented liposuction surgeons in Oakland County. Liposuction is a minimally-invasive surgical technique that removes excess fat deposits located between the skin and muscle. With liposuction, Dr. Ali literally “sculpts” the body’s contours by “sucking out” the stubborn pockets of fat cells that are resistant to exercise and dieting.

Liposuction can remove fat on your abs and ‘love handles’, as well as the thighs, hips, arms and even your face and chin! And, just like CoolSculpting, the fat cells removed by liposuction are permanently gone and will never come back.

Tumescent liposuction is newer generation liposuction procedure, which uses a “micro-cannula” (tiny tube) to suck out the fat – resulting in significantly less swelling, less discomfort, and less “downtime” than older liposuction techniques.

Liposuction shows results faster than other body sculpting procedures, because the fat cells are immediately removed from the body. However, lipo does have a little more downtime than CoolSculpting (which has none).  As the swelling goes down after the first week or two results begin to be visible. And after 4 to 6 weeks, more complete liposuction results become visible.

Because the fat has been “sucked out” (and doesn’t have to be eliminated by the body) the results are immediate – though only visible post-swelling.

#3. Tummy Tuck for Flat Abs

Liposuction and CoolSculpting are ideal for removing excess fat – but they do not remove excess skin or repair sagging muscles. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes “flabby” loose skin, tightens and also tightens and/or repairs stretched-out, torn or splayed abdominal muscles.

A tummy tuck (also called abdominoplasty) is a much more invasive procedure than liposuction or CoolSculpting, and typically requires general anesthesia. An incision is made across the lower abdomen in order to remove excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscles. It is carefully placed within the ‘bikini line’ by Dr. Ali to make and scar the least visible as possible.

A tummy tuck does result in a longer recovery time and more intense discomfort than lipo or CoolSculpting. Most people should plan on a minimum of 10 to 14 days before returning to work, or normal activities. However, our Oakland County Tummy Tuck patients universally report that the amazing results of tummy tuck surgery are 100% worth the downtime and discomfort.

There are also a few variations to the tummy tuck procedure, depending on how much extra fat and loose skin you have to get rid of, and whether the abdominal muscles also need to be repaired. For example, a “mini” tummy tuck is less invasive and results in a much smaller scar than a “full” tummy tuck.

Oakland County CoolSculpting, Liposuction & Tummy Tuck Surgery

This year finally get the toned, trim abs you want once and for all, without crash diets and endless exercising.

Oakland County board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women and men lose inches and get the toned, trim abs they have always wanted with CoolSculpting, Liposuction, or a Tummy Tuck surgery. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali, and he will take the time to help you decide which procedure is right for you!

Get Flat Abs with CoolSculpting, Lipo or Tummy Tuck: 248-335-7200

Get Rid of Stubborn Back Fat with Liposuction

Liposuction: The Best Way to Get Rid of Back Fat!

Spring has sprung and it’s almost summer in the Troy, Mi area. But post-pandemic, as we pull out our sundresses and bathing suits again, many of us are facing fat deposits in new places. Pandemic weight gain – sometimes called the “Quarantine 15” – is a very real phenomenon. And one place where fat often accumulates on a women’s body is the upper back area.

Why Back Fat is Hard to Get Rid of

Back fat – sometimes called “bra bulge” or “bra rolls” – are particularly difficult to get rid of. And when a woman’s body stores fat on the back, it typically does not respond to diet or exercise. This is because back fat is comprised of a layer of adipose tissue stored under the skin (subcutaneous fat) that is “hard fat”. This is very different – and harder to get rid of – than the “soft fat” (visceral fat) that occurs around the waist, belly and ‘love handles’.

To reduce visceral “soft” fat that has collected on the upper or lower back, the most effective treatment for its removal is typically liposuction.

Liposuction can permanently eliminate back rolls, bra bulges, and other fatty deposits on the back. Liposuction performed at our Troy, Mi area medical office can remove up to 11 pounds of fat from the body in a single session. Renowned Troy, Mi area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali can use liposuction to slim, smooth and sculpt the back into smooth, sexy proportions.

With back liposuction, sun dresses, tank tops, swim suits and even backless evening gowns will look amazing – giving you renewed self-esteem and confidence no matter what you are wearing.

Good Candidates for Back Fat Liposuction

Back liposuction is the preferred treatment for patients who have stubborn pockets of back fat that are not responding to diet or exercise. For many women, back fat deposits are hereditary. If your mom or sisters store fat on their back, it’s likely that you do too! For other women back fat has simply accumulated over the years with age, weight gain or inactivity.

Aging often causes back fat issues as a woman’s spine compresses over time. Women “shrink” about a quarter to a third of an inch every decade after age 40 – meaning most women will lose up to 2 inches by the age of 70. And as the back shortens, it can result in “rolls” of fat. Further, as the skin also becomes less elastic with age, these rolls become even more pronounced.

But whatever the cause of your back fat, liposuction can be the “miracle treatment” that finally gets rid of unattractive back fat once and for all. Back liposuction is an effective “inch loss” method that can take several inches of unwanted bulges off of the back and body! Most women will lose several pounds of fat with lipo. But keep in mind that back liposuction is an “inch loss” not a weight loss method. Lipo is also not safe or effective for obese people.

How Back Fat Liposuction is Performed

The back is one of the best parts of the body for liposuction, because there is generally less lose or excess skin on the back. The skin on the back is also less sensitive than in other body parts, so it can be more aggressively treated than more delicate body areas like the abdomen or thighs.

During back liposuction in our Troy, Mi area medical office, Dr. Ali gently inserts a very fine tube called a cannula through a tiny incision into the fat layer of the back. Typically, only local anesthetic is needed so patients do not need to be “knocked out”. And state-of-the-art tumescent liposuction technology means that smaller incisions are needed, so the tiny scars are barely visible and usually fade quickly – with less swelling, bruising and discomfort, and faster recovery than traditional types of lipo.

Dr. Ali is a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who will ‘artistically’ remove and sculpt the fatty tissue in the back from multiple angles, to assure beautiful, proportionate, smooth, consistent, natural-looking results.

Advantages of Back Fat Liposuction

Because the human body can never produce new fat cells, once the back fat is removed during liposuction, the back cells can never come back. So – unlike the roller coaster of dieting and exercising – back fat removal using liposuction is permanent.

As an added bonus, during liposuction in our Troy, Mi area office, Dr. Ali can retrieve some of the removed back fat and use it to add volume to other parts of the face or body. This process is called autologous fat transfer.

The fat cells removed from the back via liposuction can be used add roundness, shape and volume to the buttocks or breasts. Autologous fat transfer can also be used to fill hollows, wrinkles and lines in the face. “Autologous fat injection” not only looks and feels more natural than synthetic fillers, it also lasts much longer.

Back Fat Liposuction | Troy, MI Area

Troy, Mi area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women and men get rid of back fat, as well as fat almost anywhere on the body. He will assess your body’s fat distribution, your skin’s elasticity, and the proportions of your body, to help you achieve your appearance goals.

Get rid of back fat – and look and feel better in your clothes and out of them – with liposuction!

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: 6 Rules for Choosing Your Nose Job Shape

How to Choose the Ideal Nose Job Shape for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Electing to undergo rhinoplasty – also called a ‘nose job’ – is a big decision. The results will affect your appearance for the rest of your life. Rhinoplasty surgery is truly a combination of science and art!

When performed with skill using state-of-the-art surgical techniques and artistic principals, a nose job can be life changing! In this article, Dr. Ali shares six helpful “rules” to ensure that you select the nose shape, size and proportions that will give you the best rhinoplasty results.

#1. Be Realistic About Your Nose Job Shape

State-of-the-art rhinoplasty can indeed transform a nose, sometimes dramatically, but the basic “architecture” or underlying structure can (and should) only change so much.

Noses are definitely not “one size fits all” So, remember a nose that looks great on someone else may look awkward on you. All good nose jobs have at least one thing in common — a natural looking appearance from all angles. The most attractive nose will be one that is in harmony with your other facial features.

For example, Nicole Kidman’s tiny upturned nose looks lovely on her delicately boned face – but would be disproportionately small if placed alongside, say, Kim Kardashian’s big eyes and full lips. Conversely, Kim Kardashian’s elegant nose was subtly contoured during her rhinoplasty – but was not reduced much if at all – so that it would still look natural and in balance with her other features.

#2. Honor Your Ethnicity with Your Nose Job

Just as people from different ethnic backgrounds have different hair texture, eye color or skin tone – people of different ethnicities also generally have different external nasal shapes and different internal nasal structure.

A nose job should enhance your appearance without changing “who you are.” Many less experienced rhinoplasty surgeons want to give everybody a “Caucasian” nose. This can not only look out-of-place on an Asian or African American individual, but can also erase their important ethnic heritage.

Dr. Ali understands the unique nasal characteristics of different ethnicities – and he has the skill and experience to enhance your beauty, while retaining a natural appearance that doesn’t change “who you are”!

#3. Nose Jobs Should Reshape Not Remove

A strong and well-proportioned nasal skeleton is the key to a nose job that looks great and lasts a lifetime. Simply removing large amounts of cartilage weakens the skeletal support, often producing in deformity or collapse over time. An example of excess cartilage removal is Michael Jackson’s nose job – which left him with almost no nose at all!

Rather than removing cartilage, a skilled surgeon will preserve skeletal support by reshaping, repositioning, or reinforcing the tip cartilage, not removing it.

The opposite of removing too much cartilage is adding too much to the nasal structure with synthetic implants.  Often Asian women wish to build up the tip of their nose – and surgeons using outdated techniques will implant silicone or Gortex tips. However, synthetic implants often migrate and move over the years – and can even extrude through the skin. Most patients with implants will need to have them removed and/or revised at some point over time.

However, nose jobs using autologous grafts – which are cells taken from your own body to build the nasal bridge – become incorporated into your nose, and therefore do not migrate – providing lifelong results. Dr. Ali uses autologous grafts to provide the most permanent, natural, and beautiful results in nose job patients who wish to build up the bridge or tip of their nasal structure.

#4. Nose Job “Perfection” Is Unrealistic

Even the most beautiful women (and men) in the world do not have perfectly symmetrical noses. Perfect symmetry not only looks unnatural, but also throws off the balance of other features (such as eyes and lips) that are also not naturally symmetrical.

Dr. Ali encourages his patients to bring in several photographs of how they envision the results of their nose job. Look for photos of people who have similar facial shape and features as yours. If you have, for example, narrower eyes and a heart shaped face, look at photos of people like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel or Taylor Swift. However if you have a more round face and big eyes, you may wish to look at photos of movie stars like Kaley Cuoco, Mila Kunis or Emma Stone…all of whom have a slightly wider nose that balances their features.

And remember, a nose job is not designed to make you look like someone else – such as your favorite celebrity or influencer. Successful rhinoplasty surgery should make you look like the best version of YOU!

#5. Choose the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

In the hands of a talented, experienced and artistic board certified plastic surgeon, nose job surgery can be life changing! Patients can emerge from rhinoplasty surgery with a more attractive and proportionate nasal shape that will look natural and balanced.

However, poor or outdated surgical techniques performed by a less qualified surgeon can lead to disappointment and even permanent deformity. So it is important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali who has performed hundreds of rhinoplasty surgeries in his Detroit area cosmetic surgery practice. Looking at a plastic surgeon’s Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos can be a great way to asses his level of skill and experience!

Dr. Ali has the experience, artistic skill and technical expertise, to help you choose the right nose shape for your face – and the ability to accomplish your appearance goals. \

#6.  See Your Nose Job Before Your Surgery with 3d Imaging

AMAE Plastic Surgery is among the first and only plastic surgery practices in the Detroit area to offer state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging. This revolutionary computerized imaging system provides a three-dimensional digital image of the patient’s nose from any and every angle – so that Dr. Ali can show you your nose shape options and expected outcomes before your rhinoplasty surgery!

With Vectra M2 3D patients can compare “before and after” nose job views side-by-side, so that they are able to see an approximation of the new nose shape and size that rhinoplasty surgery can deliver. Vectra M2 3D imaging takes the surprises and uncertainty out of rhinoplasty surgery, so you know what to expect when the bandages are removed.

Best Detroit Area Nose Job Surgeon

If you are considering rhinoplasty, Detroit area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali will offer you a consultation to assess your nasal structure and discuss your appearance goals. He understands both the state-of-the-art techniques and the artistic implications of enhancing your beauty while retaining a natural appearance that complements your facial features.

Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women and men in the Detroit area love their appearance and improve their confidence with successful nose job surgery. Get the nose you have always wanted with a nose job at AMAE Plastic Surgery,  and be the best version of “you” that you can be!

Schedule a Nose Job Consultation with Detroit area Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali: 248-335-7200

The Specialized Art of Asian Rhinoplasty Surgery

The Art of Asian Rhinoplasty & Nose Jobs

People from different ethnic backgrounds may have different hair types, eye color or skin tone – and people of different ethnicities also generally have different nasal shapes. Typically, men and women of Asian descent have a smaller, shorter or flatter nose and/or a wider base of the nose or more rounded tip.

Ideals of beauty vary from culture to culture, from country to country to country, and even from decade to decade. A talented rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Ali will understand how to enhance a patient’s natural beauty without erasing their heritage. Dr. Ali is skilled and experienced in restructuring the nose to complement the rest of the face – and not just simply “westernizing” an Asian nose.

It is important for Asian men and women who are considering a nose job seek a surgeon who does not just “generalize” Asians rhinoplasty to reshape noses to be longer, narrower and less flat. An Asian rhinoplasty specialist, like Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali will take a more personalized approach to Asian rhinoplasty – customizing each procedure to the individual patient’s facial shape and size, etc. – while preserving their natural heritage.

Asian rhinoplasty is somewhat unique, in that it involves extending the nose rather than diminishing it. However it is limited and simplistic to think that a beautiful nose is simply tall and projected. A beautiful nose should look natural – and balanced with the facial features – when viewed from every angle.

Unique Concerns of Asian Nose Jobs

Some of the distinct characteristics of Asian noses are visible from the outside. However, there are also structural differences in the bone and cartilage that only the plastic surgeon sees beneath  the skin’s surface. In fact, the anatomy of the nasal framework and bones structure of Asian patients differs from virtually every other ethnicity, and it is essential that the rhinoplasty plastic surgeon you choose understands these differences.

The tip cartilage, tends to be softer and less rigid in Asian people than in other ethnicities, and often is shorter in overall length. This smaller projection can also result in nostrils that are wider or “flared”.

Further, the nasal skin of Asian populations differ from other ethnicities. Asian men and women tend to have nasal skin that is thicker and more sebaceous, creating less definition in the tip of the nose and/or a trip that is more bulbous.

Also, because the nasal bones have a more horizontal than vertical orientation, simply fracturing the nasal bones often will not allow them to be narrowed sufficiently. In these cases, building up the tip may be necessary to increase the definition of the bridge of the nose.

Synthetic Implants vs. Autologous Grafts for Asian Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs)

A skilled and experience rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Ali will be aware of the latest advancements and best surgical technology used to construct a beautiful nose.

In the past, artificial implant “tips” made of Silicone or Gore-Tex were the most popular choice for extending Asian nasal bridges. And due to their ease of use, many less-accomplished surgeons still rely on these.  However, synthetic implants come with several distinct disadvantages including: Infection; migration (movement); and even extrusion (poking through the skin).

While synthetic implants, such as Silicone or Gore-Tex, initially look great, the vast majority of patients with implants will need to have them removed and/or revised at some point over time as they begin to “migrate” or move.

A better rhinoplasty technique for Asian nose jobs is the use of autologous grafts – which are cells taken from the patient’s own body to build the nasal bridge. Using the patient’s own tissue to build up the nose has far fewer complications.

The autologous tissue from the patient’s body contains living cells which become incorporated into the nose, and therefore do not migrate – providing lifelong results. Using the patient’s own tissue also reduces the risk of infection. Dr. Ali uses autologous grafts to provide the most permanent, natural, and beautiful results in Asian rhinoplasty surgery.

Using the most cutting-edge surgical techniques, Dr. Ali can “harvest” these autologous grafts from your own body with completely hidden, very minimal scars.

See Your Nose Job Before Your Surgery with 3d Imaging

AMAE Plastic Surgery is among the first and only plastic surgery practices in the Detroit area to offer state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging. This revolutionary computerized imaging system provides a three-dimensional digital image of the patient’s nose from any and every angle. This enables Dr. Ali to show you your nose shape options and expected outcomes before your rhinoplasty surgery!

With Vectra M2 3D imaging patients can compare their own “before and after” nose job views side-by-side, so that they can see an approximation of their new nose shape and size that rhinoplasty surgery will deliver. With Vectra M2 3D computerized imaging there are no surprise, so patients know what to expect before they decide to undergo a nose job!

Best Asian Rhinoplasty & Nose Job Surgeon

If you are considering rhinoplasty, Dr. Ali will offer you a consultation to assess your needs and discuss your appearance goals.

He understands the unique physiological characteristics of Asian nasal structures – and has the skill and experience to enhance your beauty while retaining a natural appearance that complements your facial features, respects your heritage and makes you a more beautiful version of YOU!

Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon: 248-335-7200