How to Stop Bladder Leaks (Part 2)

How to Stop Bladder Leaks (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article we explained the causes of bladder leaks, and discussed some at home steps that can help reduce them.

In this article we discuss the various medical treatments available for bladder leaks – including the new and exciting non-surgical Geneveve vaginal tightening procedure that minimizes or stops bladder leaks with just one 30 minute treatment!

Medications for Bladder Leaks

Certain medications can help your bladder hold more, reduce urgency and improve your ability to empty your bladder if you suffer from bladder leaks. There is also a recently approved patch for overactive bladder that helps relax the bladder muscle – however the patch does not improve Stress Incontinence.

As with any medications, there are side effects and interactions. So while medication may be the best option for some people – Radiofrequency Vaginal Tightening (below) offers natural, long-lasting results without the need for strong medications.

Surgery for Bladder Leaks

Mesh Surgery for bladder leaks was commonly performed – however many serious complications were reported in women who underwent this surgery. You may even have seen television commercials with information on the many resulting lawsuits.

In this surgery, doctors inserted a strip of mesh to press against your urethra and prevent leaks. However, due to reports of these severe complications, in 2016 the FDA changed the classification of surgical mesh repair to a high-risk device.

Fortunately, newer non-surgical treatments like Radiofrequency Vaginal Tightening (below) are now available to treat many cases of bladder leakage.

Radiofrequency Vaginal Tightening for Bladder Leaks

“Geneveve” is a new state-of-the-art non-surgical procedure that applies heat to targeted areas of the vagina using radiofrequency, to stimulate the body’s own collagen production. This naturally strengthens and thickens the muscles and tissue surrounding the bladder and in the walls of the vagina – and embarrassing bladder leakage decreases.

Only one 30 to 45 minute Geneveve treatment is needed for most women. It is performed in the comfort of our discreet, state-of-the-art Birmingham, Mi medical office under the supervision of renowned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali.

Because Geneveve is a non-surgical procedure, no anesthetic is needed and there is no incision or scarring. There is also no downtime!

Learn More About Geneveve Treatments for Bladder Control HERE.

Best Bladder Leak Treatment – Birmingham, MI

Dr. Ali offers state-of-the-art radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation that can stop bladder leaks with just one 30 minute treatment!

It is a painless, affordable one-time treatment performed in our Birmingham medical office. In some cases of Stress Incontinence your medical insurance may even cover the cost of the procedure. There is no downtime, and you will begin to notice vaginal improvement & fewer leaks in just a few weeks. 

Get rid of those embarrasing and frustrating bladder leaks once and for all! Call us for a discreet Geneveve consultation today.