Stop Bladder Leakage with Vaginal Tightening

vaginal tightening

Stop Bladder Leakage with Vaginal Tightening – 

Affordable radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation can stop bladder leaks (and improve sexual intimacy) with just one 30 minute treatment!

Geneveve™ is a non-surgical vaginal tightening procedure that uses radiofrequency to rejuvenate vaginal tissue & muscles. It is a painless, one-time treatment performed in our Birmingham medical office, that only takes 30 minutesThere is no downtime, and you will begin to notice vaginal improvement & fewer leaks in just a few weeks. 

How Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Stops Bladder Leaks

What Causes “Stress Urinary Incontinence”

“Stress Urinary Incontinence” is the medical term for urinating or “peeing” a little when you cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise or otherwise exert yourself. It can be extremely embarrassing and very inconvenient to experience these sudden and unexpected “leaks”… especially at work, at the gym or when out with friends.

Stress incontinence happens when the muscles and tissues around the opening of the bladder become weakened.  There are a number of reasons why these muscles lose strength, including: weight gain, injury, pregnancy, vaginal childbirth, hormone changes and aging.

When pressure is suddenly applied against the bladder – from coughing, laughing, exercising, etc. – the opening doesn’t stay closed, and urine leakage happens.

If left untreated Stress Urinary Incontinence typically worsens and the leaks become larger and/or more frequent.

How  Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Works

Most women don’t talk about this extremely personal problem – and wrongly assume they must learn to live with it.  But a new, non-surgical 30 to 45 minute treatment can actually stop Stress Urinary Incontinence – enabling you to enjoy your life without worrying about embarrassing bladder leaks.

The  Geneveve procedure applies heat to targeted areas of the vagina using radiofrequency. A small probe is inserted inside the vagina to deliver gentle pulses of energy that stimulate collagen production – virtually “remodelling” the vagina. The treatment also includes a cooling process that ensures the application is comfortable and painless.

The body’s own collagen production, helps to strengthen and thicken the muscles and tissue surrounding the bladder and in the walls of the vagina. As a result, the vagina feels tighter and embarrassing bladder leakage decreases. As an added bonus, sexual sensation is also improved and vaginal dryness and irritation also decreases.

What to Expect after  Geneveve Vaginal Tightening

Only one 30 to 45 minute Geneveve treatment is needed for most women. It is performed in the comfort of our discreet, state-of-the-art Birmingham, Mi medical office under the supervision of renowned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali.

Because Geneveve is a non-surgical procedure, no anesthetic is needed and there is no incision or scarring. There is also no downtime – and you can resume your normal activities immediately, including exercise and sexual intimacy.

You will begin to notice vaginal improvement within the first few weeks after treatment. As your body’s collagen production increases, your results will continue to improve over time. Within 6 to 9 weeks most women experience maximum improvement in vaginal sensitivity, tightness and bladder control. 

  •  40% of women experience vaginal looseness that causes loss of sexual sensation.

  • 1 in 3 women experience bladder leakage when they laugh, sneeze, or workout.

  • 50% of women suffer from vaginal dryness and irritation after menopause.

  Vaginal Tightening Improves:

  •  Vaginal Looseness & Loss of Sensation

  •  Vaginal Dryness and Irritation

  •  Urinary Incontinence (Bladder Leakage)