Nose Job Frequently Asked Questions

Detroit Surgeon Dr. Ali Answers Your Nose Job FAQs

Why do People Get Nose Jobs?

The most obvious reason for considering a nose job is that it can improve your appearance. Nasal restructuring can make your nose more in balance with your other features, as well as make it smaller, straighter, less wide, more defined, etc. 

But a rhinoplasty can also help you live a better and healthier life.  A nose job not only improves the look of the nose, it can improve its function, too. In many cases people undergo nose jobs to correct breathing, sleeping or snoring problems. 

How Old do You have to be to Get a Nose Job?

From a technical standpoint, rhinoplasty can be performed any time after the nose’s growth is complete. Everybody is different, but nasal growth is typically complete in girls by age 15 and in boys by age 16.

A person’s nose remains child-like until puberty when their adolescent growth spurt generates growth of the nasal skeleton. Usually no later than age 17, skeletal growth is complete and the nose will reaches its final adult shape. Dr. Ali will assess a young patient’s nose and determine if they have finished developing before scheduling a nose job.

What is the Recovery Period for a Nose Job?

You will go home the same day after your nose job  typically with a small, aluminum frame to cover your nose. This will ensure your nose is protected adequately during the first week of recovery.

Swelling will occur after surgery, so you can expect to feel congested for a while after. However, splints can prevent complete blockage. To ease this congestion, you can take an over-the-counter decongestant (with your physician’s approval). To reduce swelling, keep your head elevated higher than your heart.

Bruising varies with how extensive your nasal procedure was. Some people may have slight “black eyes” but many patients do not. Bruising and swelling are usually worse on the second day after your surgery, but will improve after that. For about 48 hours after your nose job, you will have nasal discharge and will have to keep a drip pad under your nose. 

Any external sutures used will be removed about a week after your surgery. If splints were used, they will be removed when your cast is removed. After 1 week the pain and discomfort should have subsided substantially.

You may experience some numbness in your nose, and/or some temporary loss of smell. Over the weeks following surgery, all sensation should return to normal.

How Painful Is a Nose Job?

Recovery from any medical procedure is a very personal experience and can greatly differ from person to person. But a nose job is among the least painful surgeries – because it primarily only involves manipulation of the cartilage and does not impact muscles, bones or deeper tissue.

Use of long-term anesthetic during your nose job procedure means you will not feel a thing. And medication prescribed afterwards will fully manage any pain or discomfort after the surgery.

Depending upon how extensive the procedure, some patients even report experiencing very little pain following surgery. And all of our patients unanimously agree that any short term discomfort was well worth having a beautiful nose on their face for the rest of their lives.

I Had a Nose Job from Another Doctor, but I’m Dissatisfied! Can Dr. Ali Fix it?

Revision surgery is sometimes appropriate to touch up or repair a problem or imperfection from a previous nose job. However,  a second nose job is considerably more complicated and more costly.  If, however, your nose is truly misshapen or you are breathing poorly from a “botched” nose job, Dr. Ali will offer you a consultation to assess the integrity of your nasal structures to ensure they can withstand a second surgery.

Detroit Area’s Best Nose Job Surgeon

If you are considering a nose job, and have questions, the best idea is to schedule a consultation with double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali. He has helped thousands of men and women in the Detroit area get the nose they love. He will explain which procedures are right for your unique goals.

Today’s rhinoplasties are very routine, yielding exceptional outcomes with very little downtime or discomfort. And the results last a lifetime. So there’s no reason to wait to get the nose you’ve always wanted! If you live in the Detroit area, call all top rated, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali for a consultation today.

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