Rhinoplasty Surgery: 6 Rules for Choosing Your Nose Job Shape

How to Choose the Ideal Nose Job Shape for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Electing to undergo rhinoplasty – also called a ‘nose job’ – is a big decision. The results will affect your appearance for the rest of your life. Rhinoplasty surgery is truly a combination of science and art!

When performed with skill using state-of-the-art surgical techniques and artistic principals, a nose job can be life changing! In this article, Dr. Ali shares six helpful “rules” to ensure that you select the nose shape, size and proportions that will give you the best rhinoplasty results.

#1. Be Realistic About Your Nose Job Shape

State-of-the-art rhinoplasty can indeed transform a nose, sometimes dramatically, but the basic “architecture” or underlying structure can (and should) only change so much.

Noses are definitely not “one size fits all” So, remember a nose that looks great on someone else may look awkward on you. All good nose jobs have at least one thing in common — a natural looking appearance from all angles. The most attractive nose will be one that is in harmony with your other facial features.

For example, Nicole Kidman’s tiny upturned nose looks lovely on her delicately boned face – but would be disproportionately small if placed alongside, say, Kim Kardashian’s big eyes and full lips. Conversely, Kim Kardashian’s elegant nose was subtly contoured during her rhinoplasty – but was not reduced much if at all – so that it would still look natural and in balance with her other features.

#2. Honor Your Ethnicity with Your Nose Job

Just as people from different ethnic backgrounds have different hair texture, eye color or skin tone – people of different ethnicities also generally have different external nasal shapes and different internal nasal structure.

A nose job should enhance your appearance without changing “who you are.” Many less experienced rhinoplasty surgeons want to give everybody a “Caucasian” nose. This can not only look out-of-place on an Asian or African American individual, but can also erase their important ethnic heritage.

Dr. Ali understands the unique nasal characteristics of different ethnicities – and he has the skill and experience to enhance your beauty, while retaining a natural appearance that doesn’t change “who you are”!

#3. Nose Jobs Should Reshape Not Remove

A strong and well-proportioned nasal skeleton is the key to a nose job that looks great and lasts a lifetime. Simply removing large amounts of cartilage weakens the skeletal support, often producing in deformity or collapse over time. An example of excess cartilage removal is Michael Jackson’s nose job – which left him with almost no nose at all!

Rather than removing cartilage, a skilled surgeon will preserve skeletal support by reshaping, repositioning, or reinforcing the tip cartilage, not removing it.

The opposite of removing too much cartilage is adding too much to the nasal structure with synthetic implants.  Often Asian women wish to build up the tip of their nose – and surgeons using outdated techniques will implant silicone or Gortex tips. However, synthetic implants often migrate and move over the years – and can even extrude through the skin. Most patients with implants will need to have them removed and/or revised at some point over time.

However, nose jobs using autologous grafts – which are cells taken from your own body to build the nasal bridge – become incorporated into your nose, and therefore do not migrate – providing lifelong results. Dr. Ali uses autologous grafts to provide the most permanent, natural, and beautiful results in nose job patients who wish to build up the bridge or tip of their nasal structure.

#4. Nose Job “Perfection” Is Unrealistic

Even the most beautiful women (and men) in the world do not have perfectly symmetrical noses. Perfect symmetry not only looks unnatural, but also throws off the balance of other features (such as eyes and lips) that are also not naturally symmetrical.

Dr. Ali encourages his patients to bring in several photographs of how they envision the results of their nose job. Look for photos of people who have similar facial shape and features as yours. If you have, for example, narrower eyes and a heart shaped face, look at photos of people like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel or Taylor Swift. However if you have a more round face and big eyes, you may wish to look at photos of movie stars like Kaley Cuoco, Mila Kunis or Emma Stone…all of whom have a slightly wider nose that balances their features.

And remember, a nose job is not designed to make you look like someone else – such as your favorite celebrity or influencer. Successful rhinoplasty surgery should make you look like the best version of YOU!

#5. Choose the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

In the hands of a talented, experienced and artistic board certified plastic surgeon, nose job surgery can be life changing! Patients can emerge from rhinoplasty surgery with a more attractive and proportionate nasal shape that will look natural and balanced.

However, poor or outdated surgical techniques performed by a less qualified surgeon can lead to disappointment and even permanent deformity. So it is important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali who has performed hundreds of rhinoplasty surgeries in his Detroit area cosmetic surgery practice. Looking at a plastic surgeon’s Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos can be a great way to asses his level of skill and experience!

Dr. Ali has the experience, artistic skill and technical expertise, to help you choose the right nose shape for your face – and the ability to accomplish your appearance goals. \

#6.  See Your Nose Job Before Your Surgery with 3d Imaging

AMAE Plastic Surgery is among the first and only plastic surgery practices in the Detroit area to offer state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging. This revolutionary computerized imaging system provides a three-dimensional digital image of the patient’s nose from any and every angle – so that Dr. Ali can show you your nose shape options and expected outcomes before your rhinoplasty surgery!

With Vectra M2 3D patients can compare “before and after” nose job views side-by-side, so that they are able to see an approximation of the new nose shape and size that rhinoplasty surgery can deliver. Vectra M2 3D imaging takes the surprises and uncertainty out of rhinoplasty surgery, so you know what to expect when the bandages are removed.

Best Detroit Area Nose Job Surgeon

If you are considering rhinoplasty, Detroit area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali will offer you a consultation to assess your nasal structure and discuss your appearance goals. He understands both the state-of-the-art techniques and the artistic implications of enhancing your beauty while retaining a natural appearance that complements your facial features.

Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women and men in the Detroit area love their appearance and improve their confidence with successful nose job surgery. Get the nose you have always wanted with a nose job at AMAE Plastic Surgery,  and be the best version of “you” that you can be!

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