Get Rid of Stubborn Back Fat with Liposuction

Liposuction: The Best Way to Get Rid of Back Fat!

Spring has sprung and it’s almost summer in the Troy, Mi area. But post-pandemic, as we pull out our sundresses and bathing suits again, many of us are facing fat deposits in new places. Pandemic weight gain – sometimes called the “Quarantine 15” – is a very real phenomenon. And one place where fat often accumulates on a women’s body is the upper back area.

Why Back Fat is Hard to Get Rid of

Back fat – sometimes called “bra bulge” or “bra rolls” – are particularly difficult to get rid of. And when a woman’s body stores fat on the back, it typically does not respond to diet or exercise. This is because back fat is comprised of a layer of adipose tissue stored under the skin (subcutaneous fat) that is “hard fat”. This is very different – and harder to get rid of – than the “soft fat” (visceral fat) that occurs around the waist, belly and ‘love handles’.

To reduce visceral “soft” fat that has collected on the upper or lower back, the most effective treatment for its removal is typically liposuction.

Liposuction can permanently eliminate back rolls, bra bulges, and other fatty deposits on the back. Liposuction performed at our Troy, Mi area medical office can remove up to 11 pounds of fat from the body in a single session. Renowned Troy, Mi area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali can use liposuction to slim, smooth and sculpt the back into smooth, sexy proportions.

With back liposuction, sun dresses, tank tops, swim suits and even backless evening gowns will look amazing – giving you renewed self-esteem and confidence no matter what you are wearing.

Good Candidates for Back Fat Liposuction

Back liposuction is the preferred treatment for patients who have stubborn pockets of back fat that are not responding to diet or exercise. For many women, back fat deposits are hereditary. If your mom or sisters store fat on their back, it’s likely that you do too! For other women back fat has simply accumulated over the years with age, weight gain or inactivity.

Aging often causes back fat issues as a woman’s spine compresses over time. Women “shrink” about a quarter to a third of an inch every decade after age 40 – meaning most women will lose up to 2 inches by the age of 70. And as the back shortens, it can result in “rolls” of fat. Further, as the skin also becomes less elastic with age, these rolls become even more pronounced.

But whatever the cause of your back fat, liposuction can be the “miracle treatment” that finally gets rid of unattractive back fat once and for all. Back liposuction is an effective “inch loss” method that can take several inches of unwanted bulges off of the back and body! Most women will lose several pounds of fat with lipo. But keep in mind that back liposuction is an “inch loss” not a weight loss method. Lipo is also not safe or effective for obese people.

How Back Fat Liposuction is Performed

The back is one of the best parts of the body for liposuction, because there is generally less lose or excess skin on the back. The skin on the back is also less sensitive than in other body parts, so it can be more aggressively treated than more delicate body areas like the abdomen or thighs.

During back liposuction in our Troy, Mi area medical office, Dr. Ali gently inserts a very fine tube called a cannula through a tiny incision into the fat layer of the back. Typically, only local anesthetic is needed so patients do not need to be “knocked out”. And state-of-the-art tumescent liposuction technology means that smaller incisions are needed, so the tiny scars are barely visible and usually fade quickly – with less swelling, bruising and discomfort, and faster recovery than traditional types of lipo.

Dr. Ali is a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who will ‘artistically’ remove and sculpt the fatty tissue in the back from multiple angles, to assure beautiful, proportionate, smooth, consistent, natural-looking results.

Advantages of Back Fat Liposuction

Because the human body can never produce new fat cells, once the back fat is removed during liposuction, the back cells can never come back. So – unlike the roller coaster of dieting and exercising – back fat removal using liposuction is permanent.

As an added bonus, during liposuction in our Troy, Mi area office, Dr. Ali can retrieve some of the removed back fat and use it to add volume to other parts of the face or body. This process is called autologous fat transfer.

The fat cells removed from the back via liposuction can be used add roundness, shape and volume to the buttocks or breasts. Autologous fat transfer can also be used to fill hollows, wrinkles and lines in the face. “Autologous fat injection” not only looks and feels more natural than synthetic fillers, it also lasts much longer.

Back Fat Liposuction | Troy, MI Area

Troy, Mi area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women and men get rid of back fat, as well as fat almost anywhere on the body. He will assess your body’s fat distribution, your skin’s elasticity, and the proportions of your body, to help you achieve your appearance goals.

Get rid of back fat – and look and feel better in your clothes and out of them – with liposuction!

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