Breast Implant Surgery Recovery Time-frame

Breast Implant Recovery Time-frame – 

With many women temporarily off of work or working from home, due to the quarantine, it may be an ideal time to schedule that breast implant surgery you have been putting off. As with any surgery, there is some recovery period or “downtime” after a breast augmentation. But modern advancements in surgical techniques have dramatically reduced the time you must take off from work. So, while you’ve got some time at home now might just be the perfect time to consider breast enhancement surgery!

As the Detroit area’s top breast implant surgeon, Dr. Ali is often asked about the recovery time after breast augmentation. In this article he discusses the general time frame of recovery after breast implant surgery, to help you schedule the best time for you. However, every patient heals differently – depending on their age, skin, overall health, and type of procedure – breast augmentation recovery goes through some predictable stages.

This article discusses the “typical” recovery schedule for most breast implant patients. However, the best way to know what to expect after your breast implant surgery is to schedule a consultation with Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali.

He has performed breast augmentation on hundreds of women in the metro Detroit area, and across Oakland County. He will answer your questions and take the time to explain what to expect before, during and after breast augmentation surgery in your unique situation.

Breast Implant Recovery Calendar

Days 1 to 4 after Breast Implant Surgery

This is the inflammatory period, where breasts are swollen, and may feel tight, uncomfortable or even be painful. During this period most patients require some medication to be comfortable. Bruising may start to appear, and fluid retention is also common.

Days 5 to 10 after Breast Implant Surgery

If permitted by your surgeon, it is now generally OK to shower and get the incisions briefly wet.

Pain now tends to occur more at night – typically between 3a.m. to 6 a.m. Usually you will be instructed by your breast implant surgeon to begin breast massages during this period.

Your external sutures will be removed – and/or if the surgeon used tissue glue or tape it will begin to fall off after a week or two. After a week you may even be able to return to work – if approved by your surgeon.

Be aware of signs of bleeding or infection during this time period and alert your surgeon if anything seems amiss.

Days 11 to 21 after Breast Implant Surgery

By now there is very low risk of infection and bleeding. You can typically now increased physical activity, such as low-impact exercises.

The majority of the swelling should begin to subside, however you may still have some occasional pain at night.

In some individuals ‘pins and needles’ sensations in the nipple area may be experienced as the nerves begin to “wake up”. This, along with some areas of skin numbness, is normal – and will gradually subside.

Days 22 to 42 after Breast Implant Surgery

By now you should not require any pain medications – although you can generally take ibuprofen or Tylenol, with your surgeon’s permission. You should be able to transition to higher impact aerobic activities, during this time period, as well.

Day 43 to 9 Months after Breast Implant Surgery

The scar tissue should be relaxing, softening the initial firm and tight feeling of the breast implants. The remaining 5 to 10% of swelling should also subside.

At this point most women will have a good idea of what the final results look like. Although, some women may feel faster or slower than the “norm”.

It is critical to follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions – including wearing compression garments, taking pain medication, and avoiding certain activities. Dr. Ali will explain what you can expect, in your unique situation, regarding the recovery period.

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