Everything To Know About Thigh Lift Surgery – Pt. 2

Everything to Know About Thigh Lift Surgery (Part 2)

Many people in the Macomb County area turn to thigh lift surgery to get rid of stubborn deposits of fat that have accumulated in the thighs. Other reasons one might get thigh lift surgery is to treat lax, hanging skin, a disproportionate appearance of one’s thighs, or just overall poor thigh contour. And since diet and exercise are often hardly sufficient solutions to such problems, thigh lift surgery exists as an effective alternative.

In this 3 part article, we will discuss the procedure, recovery and benefits of thigh lift surgery.

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Thigh Lift Surgery Recovery

While thigh lift surgery is an extensive procedure, it is usually performed on an outpatient basis. While patients must arrange to be picked up from AMAE Plastic Surgery (ideally someone who can remain by their side for a few days while recovering,individuals undergoing thigh lift surgery can return home the day of their procedure.

The relatively invasive nature of thigh lift surgery makes for something of an intense recovery period. Like all other plastic surgery procedures, thigh lift surgery can come along with a fair amount of swelling, though this varies from procedure to procedure. Fortunately, after about a month or so, most of the swelling from thigh lift surgery should subside. And while some minor swelling may persist for up to six months, Detroit area thigh lift surgery patients will usually see results far sooner than that.

Thigh lift surgery patients should expect to take off at least two or three weeks off from work, and will be required to wear a compression garment for several weeks while they recover. Detroit area patients are encouraged to go for gentle walks and engage in other light activities as soon as they feel up to it, but most thigh lift surgery patients are unable to engage in intense physical exercise for 4-6 weeks after treatment.

Scarring After Thigh Lift Surgery

Like all surgical procedures, thigh lift surgery results in some scarring. Since a body contouring procedure such as this involves the removal of excess skin, it would be impossible to walk away from thigh lift surgery without some scars. That said, at AMAE Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ali and his team of experts do everything they can to ensure their Detroit area patients experience as little scarring as is physically possible.

Whenever possible, Dr. Ali makes thigh lift surgery incisions in a discreet location. Additionally, thigh lift surgeries that are more limited with often only require a short incision near the groin. Such incisions only extend partially downwards along the thigh and can be easily covered with a shirt or shorts.

Most of our Detroit area thigh lift surgery patients agree that the results of their procedure far outweigh any negative thoughts they may have about their scars, with the general consensus being that thigh lift surgery scars can be easily concealed with clothing.

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Thigh Lift Surgery – Macomb County

If it sounds like thigh lift surgery may be what you’ve been looking for, contact AMAE Plastic Surgery today for a consultation. Board certified Macomb County plastic surgeon Dr. Ali will gladly answer any questions you may have about how thigh lift surgery can make you feel like a more confident and attractive version of yourself.

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