In October 2005, a cataclysmic earthquake rocked Pakistan.

Dr. Ali has always had a deep desire to help the less fortunate and was deeply disturbed by the images and stories of suffering on the television. He resolved to go and offer his help as a surgeon in any way he could. His life-altering story of the three weeks he spent there is documented in this telephone interview. It is a unique window into who he is and why he does what he does.

We have included in the hope that his experience will help each of us to put our lives and our problems into perspective.

From the  Wikipedia entry:

The government of Pakistan’s official death toll was 79,000, while officials say nearly 1,400 people also died in Indian Kashmir and four people in Afghanistan. The severity of the damage caused by the quake is attributed to severe upthrust, coupled with poor construction.

Believed to be the 14th most destructive earthquake of all time. People lived in mountainous regions with access impeded by landslides that blocked the roads, leaving an estimated 3.3 million homeless in Pakistan. The UN reported that 8 million people were directly affected. It is estimated that damages incurred are well over US$ 5 billion.

Photos of Kashmir

  • Tent city for homeless families

  • Major highway closed due to landslide

  • My bedroom

  • Army Tent city

  • Tent Hospital

  • With an Orthopaedic Surgeon before starting a case

  • People waiting in line to be seen

  • The awesome Operating Room Staff

  • This man carried his son, who broke his leg, for 10 miles to get medical attention

  • A young girl who lost her parents

  • Army Col. in charge of the surgical unit

  • Before leaving the camp

  • With some other physician friends before leaving

  • UNO chopper to take us back

  • Sitting in a Chinook helicopter ready to deliver medical supplies

  • Aerial view of destroyed homes

  • Foreign aid being delivered on top of the mountain


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