The Cosmetic Effects of Smoking

Did you know that the World Health Organization just recently predicted that within the next 20 years the number of people diagnosed with cancer will increase to 22 million? To give you some perspective, the number of new cancer cases as of right now (2014) is 14 million. The number one killer around the globe? Lung cancer.

The effects of smoking are very real and harm the human body from the inside out. We know that internal effects are countless, with smoking affecting nearly every organ in the body and being the primary cause of many diseases today.

Unfortunately, sometimes things that are out of sight are out of mind, which is why the FDA is now using scare tactics to prevent our youngest generations from starting. The scary advertisements focus on the cosmetic effects of smoking. Were you aware that smoking may be a cause of all of these?

  • Loose skin under the eyes

  • Crow’s feet

  • Lines around the lips

  • Damaged teeth and gums

  • Stained fingers

  • Poor skin tone and uneven coloring

  • Age spots

  • Destruction of collagen and elastin (saggy skin on all parts of the body)

  • Sagging breasts

  • Hair loss

  • Psoriasis

Here’s some good news: If you already smoke, quitting today can improve your appearance. Blood flow will continue to improve with each smokeless day, which provides your skin with more oxygen and nutrients. The tobacco stains on your fingers will disappear if you remain tobacco free.

The very best thing you can do for your body (inside and out) is never begin smoking in the first place. But if you have already started, all is not lost. There are cosmetic solutions for limiting the number of wrinkles and age spots, and improving one’s complexion.

To learn more about the effects of smoking and to view the advertisements referenced earlier, click here.


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