Teen Breast Reduction Can Be Life Changing

Breast Reduction Surgery Can Be Life Changing for Teens

Women of all ages can experience great physical and emotional discomfort from having unusually large breasts, but that discomfort is often even more intense for teen girls. Fortunately, teen breast reduction surgery can provide such girls with a much-needed sense of relief.

Girls considering teen breast reduction surgery can take comfort in knowing that the procedure ranks among the most common that plastic surgeons perform. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2011 saw more than 63,000 such surgeries performed, with a great many of them teen breast reduction. At the Detroit area’s AMAE Plastic Surgery, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali understands the physical and emotional turmoil that leads young women down the path of teen breast reduction, and strives to providing all such patients with the relief they so sincerely deserve.

Why Teens Seek Breast Reduction

At AMAE Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ali has seen many adolescents in the Detroit area seek out teen breast reduction to treat a great many physical and emotional hardships. Teen girls with diagnosed with macromastia (a condition that causes excessive growth of the breasts), as well as those who simply have unusually large breasts, are often subject to physical side effects, such as pain in the neck and shoulders. But these young women also face many emotional side effects of their large breasts. Teen breast reduction surgery can significantly improve a young woman’s self esteem, and can put an end to the bullying, teasing, or unwanted sexual advances she may have received.

Many young women do not seek out teen breast reduction surgery until much later than necessary. With roughly two-thirds of teens with macromastia being overweight (the condition often makes exercising difficult), the affliction can be difficult to diagnose. Additionally, many teen girls simply feel too embarrassed to talk to a doctor about their condition, and as a result put off seeking off teen breast reduction surgery – until they have become too overcome with the pain their breasts have caused.

Regardless of one’s age, no one should ever allow embarrassment to preclude them from seeking out important medical attention. At AMAE Plastic Surgery, board certified Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali understands the sensitive nature of teen breast reduction surgery, and wishes for any adolescent women considering the procedure to schedule a consultation sooner rather than later – so he can help them.

Recent Study on Teen Breast Reduction

The impact of teen breast reduction surgery experienced by patients was recently detailed in a study published in the medical journal Pediatrics. The study highlighted whether or not adolescents should wait to undergo the procedure until later in life, or if teen breast reduction surgery was indeed the healthiest course of action.

The study saw 96 girls surveyed, each between the ages of 12 and 21. A plastic surgeon at the Children’s Hospital Boston diagnosed all subjects with macromastia, but none of the subjects had yet undergone teen breast reduction surgery. For comparison, 103 additional girls in the same age range were compiled from the hospitals other departments as a control group. Girls in the control group suffered from no identified breast issues, and did not have a history with eating disorders or other issues of mental health.

Participants were asked questions regarding both their general physical, mental, and emotional well-being, as well as questions specifically pertaining to issues about their breasts. Specifically, participants were asked if they had ever considered teen breast reduction surgery.

The study found that the women suffering from macromastia experienced severe detriment to their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In addition to impacting the participants’ overall quality of life, the study found that participants suffering from macromastia were three times more likely to develop eating disorders than those in the control group.

The Value of Teen Breast Reduction

Based on the above findings, there is clearly significant value in allowing young women to undergo teen breast reduction surgery, rather than making them wait until later in life. Teen breast reduction can put an end to the suffering adolescent girls experience from having disproportionately large breasts.

And while the argument has been made in favor of postponing teen breast reduction as long as three years after the beginning of a young woman’s first menstrual cycle, there is little evidence to support this being beneficial.

Teen Breast Reduction – Detroit Area

The choice to undergo breast reduction surgery can provide patients with a feeling of relief that is not only physical, but also emotional. And for teen breast reduction patients, that sense of relief is often even greater – as they are now able to enjoy a normal teenage life and athletic activities, free of teasing and bullying.

If you are a teen, or the parent of a teenager, with large breasts in the Detroit area, contact AMAE Plastic Surgery today for a teen breast reduction consultation.

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