Bloomfield Hills Lip Reductions

Reducing the Size of Your Lips: The Next Trend in Plastic Surgery?

Bloomfield Hills, MI – We’ve all seen images of celebrities with artificially plumped pouts. For years, celebrities and everyday people alike have been getting fillers injected into their lips. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that lip enhancement surgeries have increased by 50% between 2000 and 2016.

However, in a strange turn of events, lip reduction procedures have seen a massive surge, and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. M. Azhar Ali, of Detroit, Michigan, is on the front lines of this recent plastic surgery trend.

Lip Reduction Surgery?

Lip reductions have been popular in Asian countries for quite some time, and most patients who opt for the procedure tend to be in their 20s and 30s.

One of the theories as to why lip reductions are making their way stateside is because of the stigma associated with overdone lip augmentations.

How Are Lip Reductions Performed?

After being prepped for surgery, you will first be placed under local anesthesia. According to Dr. Ali, lip reductions involve the removal of skin from the lips along the dry-wet border of the vermillion. Stitches are then implemented to create a new, thinner lip line.

The lip reduction procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery and takes as little as 15 to 30 minutes to complete per lip, depending on how much tissue needs to be removed.

After the procedure is finished, the stitches will remain for a period of one week, after which they will either dissolve, or Dr. Ali will remove them manually.

Is There Any Pain?

Most patients feel very little discomfort. If there is pain, it is usually tolerable, and over the counter pain medication should help.

Dr. Ali recommends that you eat a soft diet until the swelling goes down, which could take anywhere from a few days to a week’s time.

How Much Does Lip Reduction Cost?

Lip injections cost anywhere between $500 and $2,000 per syringe. However, lip reduction tends to be a bit costlier, running anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. The cost could vary depending on where you live.

Unlike lip injections, which are temporary and usually begin to dissolve within a year, lip reductions are permanent. You may have to repeat the filler procedure, but you won’t have to repeat a lip reduction.

While lip reductions are seeing a surge, lip injections still tend to be the procedure of choice for celebrities and non-celebs alike.

To learn more about lip fillers or lip reduction surgery, call (248) 335-7200 or email prominent Plastic Surgery Dr. M. Azhar Ali, serving Detroit, Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, and Troy.

About Dr. Ali: Considered one of the top Plastic Surgeons in the country, Dr. M. Azhar Ali has thousands of cosmetic procedures to his credit and sports a 99% patient approval rating.

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The Wonders of Microdermabrasion for Sun Baked Skin

Detroit, MI – Sunbathers are well aware of the effects the sun can have on the skin.

Spend a little time in the sun and you get a nice healthy tan.

Too much sun, on the other hand, can leave you looking much older than your years.

When the skin has taken a beating from the sun, one plastic surgeon suggests a technique that many are raving about.

“Microdermabrasion is a simple technique that can make a person look years younger and restore a healthy glow to the skin,” says Plastic Surgeon Dr. M Azhar Ali who operates AMAE Plastic Surgery Center in Detroit.

Dr. Ali is referring to one of the most popular choices among patients for improving the appearance of dull, aged or uneven skin.

The procedure is a favorite of patients because it is fairly affordable and doesn’t involve any invasive cosmetic procedures.

“Patients like microdermabrasion because it addresses a person’s flaws on the surface level, only treating the outermost layer of skin,” says Dr. Ali.

Using a handheld machine known as the diamond tome device attached to suction tubing, the plastic surgeon will gently exfoliate the patient’s skin, which removes dead skin cells and reveals the healthy younger skin underneath.

Nearly 900,000 microdermabrasion techniques were performed in 2014, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the number of patients opting for the treatments have steadily risen since then.

When asked to delve deeper into the specifics of the procedure, Dr. Ali says, “The treatment is quick, relatively painless and is safe for all skin types.”

The treatment is also incredibly versatile. Not only can it be used on sun damaged skin, but it can also treat textured skin, acne, acne scars, and minimize large pores.

As with other skin rejuvenation techniques, Dr. Ali suggests that more than one treatment may be needed to reduce or completely remove fine wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation.

“By the end of the treatment phases, however, a patient can look good as new,” Dr. Ali says.
To learn more about microdermabrasion and how it can help to improve the look and health of a patient’s skin, visit

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5 Ways Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Life

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Considering cosmetic surgery, but still on the fence? If so, you’re probably wondering if the prep, procedure and recovery time are worth it.

If any of this sounds familiar, what you’re about to learn might surprise you.

As it turns out, not only can cosmetic surgery alter your appearance – such as the shape of your nose or size of your waist – going “under the knife” can also improve your quality of life.

“I had the [breast augmentation] surgery three weeks ago, and each day I am happier and happier with my results!” said a recent patient of Dr. M. Azhar Ali, one of Michigan’s top plastic surgeons and owner of AMAE Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center.

She added, “I look natural, I get compliments from all my friends, and I feel more confident than ever!”

Dr. Ali stresses that as long as the patient doesn’t have unrealistic expectations, there are five major areas where a person’s life can become immeasurably better by opting for one or more procedures.

“I call it becoming a better person from the outside in,” added Dr. Ali.

Here are the five ways your life can be enhanced from the outside in by opting for one or more cosmetic procedures.

A Sunnier Disposition

A recent European study confirmed that patients who undergo plastic surgery report a boost in self-confidence and overall enjoyment of life.

The study followed 550 patients during and post-procedure and came to the conclusion that the majority of patients, “felt healthier, were less anxious, had developed more self-esteem and found their operated body feature in particular, but also their body as a whole, more attractive,” researchers said.

So if you’re in the doldrums at the moment, and one or more body parts are contributing to your lack of confidence, one or more cosmetic procedures could put that much-needed smile back on your face.

A Healthier Body

You may be wondering how plastic surgery can help your body become healthier. In addition to improved self-esteem, which has innumerable effects on health, there are other facts that might surprise you.

If you have large breasts that prevent you from exercising, for example, a breast reduction would improve your tolerance to exercise, leading to less discomfort and a healthier heart.
A rhinoplasty to repair your deviated septum would lead to improved oxygen flow, more efficient breathing, deeper sleep (and a lot less snoring).

Liposuction and tummy tucks (and even breast reductions) remove fat cells, which contributes to fewer fatty acids being released into the body. You will also decrease your risk of diabetes.

These are just some of the effects that can be had by opting for certain cosmetic procedures. You’ll look better, feel better and you might just live longer.

A Boost Up the Career Ladder

We always hear of celebrities altering their appearance to land juicy roles. It turns out, many non-celebrities are doing the same thing, and enjoying the same types of benefits.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, a major faction of people who request plastic surgery report doing so because they want to remain competitive on the job.

In addition to higher education and living a healthy lifestyle, the way you look can get you hired or secure you that much-deserved raise.

Is going under the knife the only way to get ahead? Absolutely not, but it can give you a leg up on the competition if you ever find yourself head to head with another professional.
All things being even, if you look better and feel better about yourself, which cosmetic surgery can contribute to, you are more likely to get the job or promotion.

So if you find yourself struggling to find work or stagnant in your current position, one or more plastic surgery operations could help you find the success you crave.

Enhanced Relationships

Dr. Bryan Mendelson, former President of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, says that we are hard-wired to appreciate beauty. And that attractive people, among other things, experience better personal lives.

For one, your relationships could improve. If you or your partner have one or more body parts that prevent you from being intimate, a cosmetic procedure could bring you two closer together.

You might also have an easier time making friends.

Dr. Mandelson cites a study that showed how good looking people are more likely to be labeled as being “good” and trustworthy, and they are simply treated better than those who aren’t as attractive.

Of course, it could be the increase in self-esteem that helps you make better friends and enhances your other personal – even romantic – relationships, but there’s no denying that attractive people are more magnetic.

It’s not all about looks. A personality still goes a long way, but why not get that boost in social status that comes from looking better, if doing so is only a single procedure away?

New Lease on Life

Getting one or more plastic surgery procedures makes you more motivated to improve your life.

“My patients jump out of bed in the morning. They look forward to their days, to meeting new people. There is an obvious change between who they were and who they are now, and it’s a beautiful thing,” said Dr. Ali.

The fact is, cosmetic surgery is a growing movement. Analysts predict that more plastic surgeries will be performed in 2016 than any other year. To put that into perspective, Americans spent $12 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2014, the most recorded since 2008, as seen in the graph below.


With improved confidence, health, professional and social lives, and a whole new outlook, it’s no wonder why so many opt for cosmetic surgery.

If you are considering plastic surgery, you now know that a “brand new you” is just a quick phone call away. Call Dr. Ali today for a consultation. (855) 335-7200

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Plastic Surgery Trends to Expect in 2016

Bloomfield Hills, MI – What can we expect in the world of plastic surgery this year? As the number of people seeking out procedures continues to rise, Dr. Ali discusses what procedures he thinks will lead the way.

“More people continue to discover the advantages of plastic surgery,” says the Michigan plastic surgeon. “It’s not just for older patients – there is a procedure for everyone. I think one of the biggest areas we’ll see as a trend this year is an increase in the number of millennials seeking out the plastic surgeon’s office.”

Currently, this generation makes up approximately 20 percent of the population seeking out plastic surgery, but with social media continuing to be a vital part of their lives, millennials will most likely make up a bigger piece of the pie soon.

“The younger generations live their lives out via social media,” says Dr. Ali. “I think we’ll see more young people looking for ways to perfect their looks to portray their best selves online.”

In the same vein, Dr. Ali believes we’ll continue to see an increase in the number of men who visit plastic surgeons.

“Women aren’t the only ones who want to erase the signs of aging,” says Dr. Ali. “Men are finding that to be competitive in the work place, it can help to look younger and more vigorous. It’s not uncommon to find men asking about blepharoplasty, or eyelid procedures, to erase the lines around their eyes that can prematurely age them.”

Dr. Ali expects men to continue to seek out procedures, especially for the face and chest.

The last several years have seen an increase in procedures to enhance the buttocks area. With Beyonce and Kim Kardashian-West dominating magazine covers, the buttocks are a popular area for augmentation, and Dr. Ali expects this to continue, as well.

“Women love procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift to give them the same shape Kim and Beyonce have,” says Dr. Ali. “While I think this will continue, I do think we will see an increase in women wanting a more natural looking shape that is in proper proportion with their bodies. Bigger might be better, but natural-looking is best.”

The natural look also spills over to another area of the body – the breasts. Breast augmentations continue to dominate the plastic surgery world, but surgeons are seeing women opt for smaller, more natural looking sizes.
Dr. Ali thinks there will also continue to be an increase in the number of minimally invasive procedures performed.

“People are realizing that with the amazing array of fillers on the plastic surgery market, they don’t have to go under the knife to look young and refreshed,” says Dr. Ali. “A few simple and virtually pain-free injections can reverse the signs of aging, and it can be done on your lunch break. Fillers fit in to busy lifestyles, where people want to look and feel their best, but don’t want to be out of commission for long.”

One thing is certain, Americans want to look younger and feel their best, and are discovering that a trip to the plastic surgeon can do that. In 2014, we saw the biggest increase in spending on plastic surgery since 2008, with Americans spending more than $12 billion. In 2016, Dr. Ali thinks that figure will be even higher.

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