How to Avoid Botched Botox

Bloomfield Hills, MI – We’ve all seen it – in fact, it can be hard to look away. Bad Botox can happen to even the best of us. So how can you be sure you avoid bad Botox? By researching and choosing a certified plastic surgeon, you can safeguard your chances of having a beautiful outcome.

“Unfortunately, no one is immune to bad Botox, even celebrities,” says MI plastic surgery expert Dr. Ali. “In some cases it is subtle, but clear something just isn’t quite right. In other cases, it’s obvious something has gone terribly wrong. It is important to remember that as with anything, when it comes to Botox, not all providers are created equally.”

Today, Botox has become incredibly common. That means it’s no longer relegated just to your plastic surgeon’s office and you can find it in a variety of locations. But that isn’t always a good thing.

“Just because someone has the ability to inject Botox, doesn’t mean they have the skill required to give you the look you want,” says Dr. Ali. “Botox and other fillers take skill and artistry to ensure a natural-looking and functioning face after. It should be customized to each individual patient, based on their individual face.”

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and if you aren’t careful, you may end up with a look you didn’t anticipate. Not only that, there are very real side effects that can happen when in the hands of a less skilled Botox provider.

If your Botox injector isn’t as skilled, you can end up with bruising. This happens when a provider fails to take the time to carefully look at the patient to assess his or her anatomy and location of facial veins. If Botox is injected into a superficial skin vein, bruising will appear. This can also be minimized by pre-treating the area with ice.

When having Botox injected near the lower eyelid, you’ll want to ensure it’s being done by a steady and skilled hand, otherwise you may be seeing double vision. While rare, this can happen if the injection happens too close to the eyelid.

Botox is not one size fits all. A provider cannot simply inject it into the same locations on each patient because each face and how the muscles work are different. And, each patient will desire a slightly different outcome.

To ensure your best result after Botox, be sure your provider is skilled and experienced in treating a variety of patients, and is dedicated to treating each patient like an individual. It should not be considered a cookie-cutter procedure. In the hands of the right plastic surgeon, Botox can leave you looking and feeling naturally refreshed.

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