Bloomfield Hills Lip Reductions

Reducing the Size of Your Lips: The Next Trend in Plastic Surgery?

Bloomfield Hills, MI – We’ve all seen images of celebrities with artificially plumped pouts. For years, celebrities and everyday people alike have been getting fillers injected into their lips. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that lip enhancement surgeries have increased by 50% between 2000 and 2016.

However, in a strange turn of events, lip reduction procedures have seen a massive surge, and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. M. Azhar Ali, of Detroit, Michigan, is on the front lines of this recent plastic surgery trend.

Lip Reduction Surgery?

Lip reductions have been popular in Asian countries for quite some time, and most patients who opt for the procedure tend to be in their 20s and 30s.

One of the theories as to why lip reductions are making their way stateside is because of the stigma associated with overdone lip augmentations.

How Are Lip Reductions Performed?

After being prepped for surgery, you will first be placed under local anesthesia. According to Dr. Ali, lip reductions involve the removal of skin from the lips along the dry-wet border of the vermillion. Stitches are then implemented to create a new, thinner lip line.

The lip reduction procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery and takes as little as 15 to 30 minutes to complete per lip, depending on how much tissue needs to be removed.

After the procedure is finished, the stitches will remain for a period of one week, after which they will either dissolve, or Dr. Ali will remove them manually.

Is There Any Pain?

Most patients feel very little discomfort. If there is pain, it is usually tolerable, and over the counter pain medication should help.

Dr. Ali recommends that you eat a soft diet until the swelling goes down, which could take anywhere from a few days to a week’s time.

How Much Does Lip Reduction Cost?

Lip injections cost anywhere between $500 and $2,000 per syringe. However, lip reduction tends to be a bit costlier, running anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. The cost could vary depending on where you live.

Unlike lip injections, which are temporary and usually begin to dissolve within a year, lip reductions are permanent. You may have to repeat the filler procedure, but you won’t have to repeat a lip reduction.

While lip reductions are seeing a surge, lip injections still tend to be the procedure of choice for celebrities and non-celebs alike.

To learn more about lip fillers or lip reduction surgery, call (248) 335-7200 or email prominent Plastic Surgery Dr. M. Azhar Ali, serving Detroit, Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, and Troy.

About Dr. Ali: Considered one of the top Plastic Surgeons in the country, Dr. M. Azhar Ali has thousands of cosmetic procedures to his credit and sports a 99% patient approval rating.

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