General Anesthetic in Breast Augmentation Surgery (Pt 1)

What to Expect with General Anesthetic in Breast Augmentation Surgery

Once you’ve booked your breast augmentation surgery procedure, you’ll probably feel both excited and a little bit nervous! After all, the body you’ve always dreamed of is on its way!

One area some patients are sometimers apprehensive about is the idea of “going under” with general anesthesia. In fact, recent studies report that nearly one in three people worry about the anesthesia more than the surgical procedure itself. Approximately 55% of those undergoing surgery are concerned about general anesthesia.

In this article, double board certified plastic surgeon Doctor Ali explains general anesthesia – to help you understand the process and reduce your concerns.

General Anesthesia is Very Safe During Breast Augmentation Surgery

Thanks to modern pharmaceuticals, and the the latest technologies in anesthetic administration, the risk of general anesthetic complications has decreased more than 90% in the last 50 years.

Complications with anesthesia dropped more than half from 2010-2013. And mortality rates from anesthesia remain inceredibly low, at only 0.03% of all surgeries. And it is important to remember that these numbers all take into account people who were in poor health to begin with, as well as those who’d had surgeries done in emergency situations.

“If you’re approved for cosmetic surgery,” notes Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali, “chances are you’re in good health already. This greatly improves your chances of a favorable outcome with general anesthetic.”

How to Prepare for General Anesthesia in Breast Augmentation Surgery

Properly preparing for your breast augmentation surgery –and general anesthesia—helps to avoid unnecessary complications.

Be sure to tell your doctor all medications you’re taking, including herbal supplements or remedies. Many of these can interact with anesthesia medications, so it’s crucial that you’re thorough and completely honest with your doctor. You also need to fully disclose any medical conditions or procedures you may now have. or have had in the past.

If you take any ongoing medications, including blood thinners and those for diabetes or blood pressure, Dr. Ali will discuss any changes you may need to make the day of the surgery, as well as in the weeks before.

You will be given specific pre-surgery instructions, which you should follow carefully. Generaly you will be instructed to fast for six hours or more before the surgery to make sure the anesthesia has the desired effect.

Finally, be sure to arrange a ride home for yourself. You will need someone to drive you back after your surgery, so this should be figured out beforehand.

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Detroit Area Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you still have questions about what general anesthesia during Breast Augmentation Surgery entails, please talk about it during your consultation with award-winning Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali. He has safely performed Breast Augmentation Surgery on hundreds of patients using General Anesthetic, and it is his goal to ensure that you are 100% comfortable and worry-free.

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