Study Finds Patients Reluctant to Question Doctors

In a recent study conducted in California for Health Affairs, 48 affluent patients admitted that they were not comfortable taking as active a role in their treatment as they would like. Reasons given for this discomfort were:

  • Fear of taking up too much of the physician’s time
  • Fear of going against the physician’s recommendation
  • Many patients felt their doctor did not listen to or respect what they had to say

The study brings to light patient perceptions, of which doctors may be unaware. Patients’ hesitancy to ask questions means they are not as actively involved as they should be in determining the best course of treatment. Many patients reported doing research on their own to better understand treatment options.

Michigan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ali, unlike many other doctors, encourages questions and takes the time to discuss options with his patients to understand their goals and their preferences. Using his 4-part system, Dr. Ali makes sure that all questions are fully answered and that each patient fully understands their options.

Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is a very personal issue; a patient is entrusting his or her self-image to a surgeon. Dr. Ali takes this trust very seriously and insures you are comfortable with all aspects of a procedure. In fact, Dr. Ali’s website contains extensive information about popular cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Additionally, Dr. Ali has published specialty websites with a wealth of information on breast procedures including augmentation and lift, liposuction, tummy tucks and facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Ali also is developing a series of cosmetic surgery whitepapers that provide an overview of various procedures and options.

For more information, contact Dr. Ali at (855) 335-7200.

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